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Posted by Herman Johns on June 14th, 2021

The Digital News Initiative (D NI) is a European organisation designed by Google to "promote high-quality independent journalism across Europe". It includes an "Innovator Fund" worth Euros 15m a year, which in coming years issued grants totalling EUR 150m to more than 460 news organisations in 14 countries. A key feature of the DNI is its search and publishing tools that allow users to submit, locate and browse news stories online, and subsequently share them with selected groups or all those who care about a particular subject. The strength of the DNI is its commitment to non-commercialisation, under which the organisation freely uses the content it acquires, including such areas as photos and videos. DNI also organises events that bring together industry leaders and specialist bloggers from different sectors to exchange information on cutting-edge digital technologies. The main venue for these is the DSI Europe in Barcelona, Spain. DNI also publishes a popular fortnightly magazine, which is delivered to subscribers twice a month. The digital edition of the magazine is distributed by email to customers on the basis of subscription type and cost. As well as the traditional print publication of newspapers, magazines and news portals, the Digital News Initiative also offers a wide range of news services on the internet. The website news portal provides space for commentaries, interviews and reviews, besides a large collection of news blurbs, which are posted by prominent people in the field. There is also a set of special features that allow visitors to share their views on current affairs, with the opportunity to sign up for weekly newsletters. All this, plus the regular DNI column, are available both in print and on the website. The Digital News Initiative has its own news team, comprising correspondents based in Paris, Berlin, Rome, Sydney and Washington DC. They report across different time zones and are published throughout the globe. In addition to providing a platform for commentaries and reviews, the website provides a great deal of information about the latest news in science and technology, politics, business and the environment. The website also offers an online library of over two million articles on various topics. The main service offered is to create unique content for the web site that is related to your industry. It can be as comprehensive as possible, ranging from the most recent developments in the economies of the world to the latest gadgets and gizmos being marketed. The articles can be in favor of local or national interests, but it must be relevant to the particular product that you are promoting. You can also submit any original news report that you have written, and if you happen to know something about the product that you are promoting, you can mention it in your article. This will be appreciated by your readers, who will want to know more about your product, so they click on your links and check out your products. Digital news also offers its advertisers a great way to get their products known and to increase their revenues. Because the advertisements are placed directly on the site, these ads cannot only conform to the guidelines and regulations of the European Council, they can also show the logo of the company. There is no need for them to pay an extra fee to a third party. It is the same principle used in regular newspapers: the more relevant information is provided to the readers, the more likely they are to click on the ad, leading to increased revenues. In agency to receive publicity through the Digital News Initiative, you will have to register with the website. Upon registration, you will receive an account, which will contain all the files that you add to the web site, including pictures, graphics and text. The account will also contain the link to your RSS feed, which is updated automatically to provide you with fresh information. In addition to the articles you add to the website, you can upload movies and short video clips with music and sound files. When it comes to submitting articles to the digital news section, you will be asked to write the article in full, and submit it as a text article, an XML document or by posting it to an online article directory. You may also have to attach additional files, such as press releases, photos, product descriptions and videos. The distribution list of the articles is limited, and you will receive credit for any submissions made.

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