Managing the realities of polyclonal antibody research ? How external expertise

Posted by Universal on December 22nd, 2015

Antibody-related research, in any context, may involve a massive impost on resources, time, and organizational capabilities. The heavy-duty lab work and number crunching issues can be an acquired taste, to say the least. Interestingly, many pharmaceutical, diagnostic, research and industrial researchers are now opting to outsource some or all of the work in polyclonal antibody research to external specialist services.

The bottom line here is that freeing up capacity, particularly in high-grunt lab work, improves research efficiency, and in some cases improves budget efficiency. This is particularly the case in developmental research, where a series of evolutionary progressions in antibody development is a typical scenario. The better option now is to use the services of external labs to manage this part of the work, particularly when the lab work is done by a supplier of polyclonal antibodies and related materials.

A case in point is a company called Capralogics, one of America’s leading facilities for polyclonal antibody supply and lab services. This very well known, highly credentialed company is routinely involved in high-end research across a vast bandwidth of disciplines and types of research, including new product development.

As a supplier of polyclonal antibodies, they provide a comprehensive range of standard polyclonal antibodies and related products, like rabbit anti-llama, rabbit anti-llama Alkaline Phosphatase, rabbit anti-llama FITC, and are a virtual one-stop shop for antibodies. They additionally provide lab facilities and custom antibody development services.

If you’re looking for some expert help with your research, one look at their website here at will explain a lot regarding the very high values of their range of services for researchers. They are able to act both as a supplier and as a working partner with their clients, creating very useful synergies in the research process.

They are also currently racking up a lot of citations in new research publications in advanced areas like nano body research and other high-end/new frontier research projects. Take little time to browse their website, and see the full range of services. We think you’ll like and appreciate what you see.


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