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Posted by universalpositions on December 22nd, 2015

Pharmaceutical research can be very hard work. High volume testing, product development, and even simply sourcing what you need when you need it can add a lot to the workload. Perhaps more importantly for researchers, it can also add a lot to the demands on your research team, and your budget.

Interestingly, the new dynamic in pharmaceutical product development is a combination of common sense and better use of resources. The idea is basically to use external labs to do the heavy duty testing, and to participate directly in product development. If you’re thinking that this takes a large workload off your plate, and frees up your researchers for more productive work, that’s part of the story.

The other part of the story is that if you can get the right combination of capabilities from your external experts, you get a working partner which can also assist with the entire research process up to and including product development. This sort of relationship can be extremely productive, and is becoming much more common as pharmaceutical product research becomes more complex and more demanding.

A case in point is a company called Capralogics. This is one of America’s leading suppliers of polyclonal antibodies and related products, and they also offer labs services as well. It’s a good mix of capabilities to bring to the research process. If you want polyclonal antibodies, they can supply everything you need including rabbit anti-llama Biotin, Sheep anti-EGFR, Sheep anti-ZDNA, and anything else you might want.

They can also manage the lab work for high-end research, including custom antibody production, and all the intermediate stage work as well. As acknowledged experts in the field, they are exactly the sort of do-everything full-spectrum service which is now becoming the “new black” in advanced pharmaceutical research management and planning.

It’s not hard to see why. If you visit their website here at, you’ll see not only a vast range of polyclonal antibody products, but an equally vast range of services. This is “expertise on tap”, when and where you want it in the research and product development processes. Take a little time to explore this site, then contact them directly online or by phone to discuss your needs.

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