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Why Are Benefits of Energy Efficiency?

Posted by pacificlightsingpaore on December 22nd, 2015

What is energy efficiency?

Energy efficiency is about using less energy to finish the same amount of work. For example, a well-insulated house will be more energy efficient due to less heat escapes which means that less heat needs to be used to keep a comfortable living environment. Or an energy efficient washing machine can provide the same service such as laundry at a lower rate of energy consumption.

Energy efficiency plays an important role to fight against climate change due to it can reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Here are some benefits of energy efficiency.

1. Reducing energy bills of the household. For families, energy efficiency is the easiest, cleanest,  most effective and affordable way to use energy and save money on transportation costs, energy bills and household expenses.

2. Increasing comfort. Not all households can pay to heat their homes to a comfortable level. Inadequate heating for homes will make people more susceptible and cause a range of health problems. Therefore, energy efficiency can make the power bills more significant with less energy costs and more comfortable.

3. Reducing air pollutants. Energy efficiency can reduce the air pollutants which are coming from sources such as oil or wood. It is not only the key to fight against climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions but contributes to create clean air environment by reducing sulphur dioxide emissions which are harmful to human health.

Energy efficiency can also be used in buildings. For example, using double pane windows of waste and proper insulation can maximize green space to reduce heat absorption. For industrial, a way to increase energy efficiency is to reuse or reduce the waste heat which is typically produced from manufacturing processes. Industries will lose about 30% of energy use due to equipment inefficiencies and transportation. Under such circumstance, energy efficiency can catch chemical energy and waste heat and then turn it into electricity or other useful forms of energy to provide cleaner and cheaper energy for industries.

Since energy efficiency offers a variety of benefits to the environment and individuals, it's time to take action.

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