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Posted by Nick Niesen on October 28th, 2010

Whether you are a graduate looking for your first job, or a seasoned professional searching for a new opportunity, using the Internet is a great way to begin a job search. Using online job sites offers certain advantages such as easy search-ability, and when the system finds a reasonable match, you are automatically informed. There is a plethora of online job sites, national and regional, that sometimes makes it difficult to know which one to use. You can start by using job search engines, which allow you to search major databases with hundreds and sometimes thousands of employer listings.

Finding a new job is hard work and it is usually a full time job in itself. Today, online job sites provide all the tools and services you need to conduct an effective job search and are a superb way to seek out part time or full time jobs, or a summer internship.

Tips for Users of Online Job Sites
The Internet provides you with a wealth of profiles of potential employers and you need to do your research well to identify the ones you want to work with. The best would be to pursue the employers who post their jobs directly.

Most job sites require you to complete an application form, and either upload your resume or type in the resume in the space provided. When sending in your resume, make sure that you do not give out a lot of personal information, since this information is posted online for all to see.

Look for online job sites that offer resume confidentiality whenever possible, where you can conceal your contact information.

When applying for a particular job, always customize your resume for that job specifically. If your resume is lacking in content and quality, pay to have a professional resume writer redo it. It is the best money you can spend to launch your career. It may be less convenient but sending in a customized resume for a particular job is more effective. Some online job sites allow you to contact the recruiter or the employer directly. These are the best sites. You can email your job application and resume directly to the prospective employer or his recruiter, once you feel that you meet all the job requirements.

When applying directly to a prospective employer, refer to the job posting to see how to submit your job application. Check the job postings for keywords and relevant experience that you should include in your customized resume. Some prefer submission of your resume through email, whereas some have online application forms. If submission details are not clear, you are usually safe to submit your cover letter and resume via email.

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