Why Switch To Organic Fertilizers?

Posted by theorganiclife on December 22nd, 2015

The type and quality of fertilizer you use for your plants has a huge impact on the growth and development of your plants. For many years farmers and gardeners all over the world have relied on chemical fertilizers, but many are now shifting to organic fertilizers due to many benefits it has over chemical fertilizers. Let’s take a look at some main benefits of using organic fertilizers, brought to you by TheOrganic.Life.

Organic fertilizers increase the productivity, growth and quality of plants as they are carbon-based compounds. They have the following benefits over chemical fertilizers:

No-toxicity: The food items produced by using organic fertilizers are free of harmful chemicals. People who consume organically grown products are less prone to deadly diseases such as cancer, stroke, neurological problems and skin disorders, as compared to those who consume foods produced using chemical fertilizers. You can easily buy organic fertilizers from a good organic products store, like- TheOrganic.Life, or make your own organic fertilizer at home using organic waste composter.

Lower cost: Almost all the organic fertilizers are prepared locally or in farms. Hence, the cost is much lower than the cost of chemical fertilizers. You can easily prepare organic fertilizer at home using kitchen waste and kitchen waste composter, available at- TheOrganic.Life.

Improved soil structure: Organic fertilizers are not just good for the environment, but also help in maintaining soil structure, thus increasing its capacity to hold nutrients. Therefore, the farmers who practice organic farming require far less amount of fertilizer, because his soil is already rich in essential nutrients.

Soil remains fertile for years: One of very important advantages of using organic fertilizers is that the soil remains fertile for hundreds of years. A strong evidence to support this theory is the Land located at the site of ancient civilizations. The fertility there is still maintained, even though agriculture has been practiced there for thousands of years. This is because only organic fertilizers were used for farming.

Environment friendly: Organic fertilizers are manufactured using organic products, such as kitchen waste. Organic fertilizers are bio-degradable in nature and do not cause environmental pollution. Whereas, chemical fertilizers not just contaminate the land, but also water, this can lead to deadly diseases in human beings. Excessive chemical fertilizer usage is also one of the main culprits behind the extinction of a number of plant, animal, and insect species.

How to enhance the quality of soil using organic fertilizers?

Many people are under a misconception that using fertilizers in large quantities is beneficial for plants, but this is not true. Many factors need to be considered before application of fertilizers, like-the soil quality, time of application and the quality of organic fertilizer used.

Soil analysis by an expert will reveal the amount of nutrients in your soil and microbial activity in it.

When purchasing organic fertilizers, you should try to know the nutrient content of the organic fertilizers before purchasing them. They also have an N-P-K (nitrogen potassium and phosphorus) value, just like the chemical fertilizers. The right fertilizer with the right knowledge of farming techniques will help you get a good produce that will be of superior quality and rich in nutrients.

For more information on organic farming, or to get organic farming products, such as kitchen composter, organic seeds, organic fertilizers, soil conditioners etc, visit TheOrganic.Life at-http://www.theorganic.life/

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