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Posted by Kim. on December 22nd, 2015

How secure is your business’ network connection? If you can’t with confidence answer “very secure,” contact Hi-Ware! Your business can ne'er reach its true potential if it isn’t secure – and an important a part of your business security is keeping unauthorized individuals from accessing your network. during this day in age, locks and passwords simply aren’t enough to stay out those that mean damage to your business. With access controls and identity management from Hi-ware, your network can solely be hospitable the those that are granted access. we have a tendency to invariably use flat fee evaluation, thus your bottom line are going to be protected further as your network! identity and access management iam

Access management Systems

Our access management systems can monitor WHO is allowed to enter your business network. whether or not you're searching for two-factor or multi-factor authentications, we are going to give you with the most effective access management systems for your business. we have a tendency to use System Identity Management in our access management systems. The System Identity Management permits your workers, customers, associates and the other individuals concerned in your business to realize access to your network exploitation devices they own like cell phones. Users ar sent a passcode on their own personal device that they will then use to evidence themselves. this is often a huge improvement over the normal key fob system several businesses use, and our access management systems may prevent eightieth in comparison! identity lifecycle management

Identity Management Systems

You can rest assured your business is just on the market to the correct individuals with our identity management systems. we are able to provide you with many various varieties of protection, as well as credentialing and identity proofing. each user WHO tries to urge into your network can ought to prove that they're licensed to be there, and our identity management systems can guarantee any unauthorized individuals are going to be unbroken out. Of course, you don’t need to create your network troublesome for licensed individuals to urge into. work to attain a balance between effective security measures and ease-of-access for those that are allowed to enter your network.

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