5 Keynotes To Become A Successful Singer In Tamil Music Industry

Posted by Srisha on December 22nd, 2015

Singers are perhaps one of the most important elements in movies. With songs being an inseparable element of Indian movies, singers have their work cut out for them. If you have a good singing voice and the zest to make it big in the Tamil music industry then you have a good shot at being hired as Tamil playback singer and make a big name as a playback singer, just like- Msrisha. According to Srisha, the leading Tamil playback singer female, though there is no definite recipe for success; there are certain things you will need in order to establish yourself as a good singer. Let’s find out.

A good teacher or mentorYou need a good mentor to guide you and show you the right path to make you reach peak of success. Having a good guide to follow puts us on the right track and is valuable in every aspect of our musical education and career development. All singers need proper training and guidance, so finding the right mentor should be on top of your priority list.

Discipline: A regular and disciplined lifestyle well help you develop control over your singing. Singers need to monitor what they eat and certain things, such as cold and spicy food and too much shouting should be avoided at all cost. Also, in order to create a good image, it is important to arrive on time at recordings and avoid oily and greasy food. If you taste the flavor of success, don’t let it get to your head, instead focus on perfecting your art and making your singing even better for the listeners.

Practice: Every singer should do practice or ‘riyaaz’ everyday. No matter how busy you are, you must find time to practice. Your voice is like a tool, the more you use it, the finer it gets. If you don’t practice singing for some time, it starts losing its attractiveness.

Knowledge of classical music: Classical music hones your skills as a singer. Srisha, who is one of the best Tamil carnatic singers, started learning carnatic music at a very young age. It’s her hold on her singing and impeccable knowledge of Ragas that makes her one of the most sought after young Tamil singers.

Create a professional quality audition tape. You will need a professional quality audition tape to demonstrate your range and your ability to perform Tamil songs with professionalism. You can sing your favourite Tamil female playback singers song or you can sing a classical song for your audition. Just remember that you need to sing your best as if this is your last chance.

Learn Tamil. Tamil films require their singers to speak Tamil fluently, or at least good enough to sing with correct pronunciation and diction. There are a lot of Tamil courses you can sign up for.

It’s important to maintain your individuality, suggests Super singer Srisha. Don’t imitate established singers, be yourself, do justice to your songs and in no time you will become a household name, just like Srisha, who made a place for herself in the hearts of people through her hard work, patience and zeal to make it big as a singer.

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