Posted by smotij on December 23rd, 2015

Weather insurance is a term that refers to the declaration of the changing weather about the time coming ahead in advance. Weather insurance is further categorized into two types and these are as under,

Conditional weather insurance,

Weather cancellation insurance.

Let us discuss both the weather insurance terms in detail.


Weather is a natural element which is sometimes quite unpredictable. Though advanced technology has nowadays enabled the people to forecast future weather but still sometimes nature wins over technology and all the future forecast turn zero. We at weather trading help you in minimizing the risk of your loss that might incur if if all your plans turn around because of adverse change in weather. Weather cancellation insurance reduces all the risk faced by the organization or company in case of conducting an outdoor function. Outdoor functions executed by a company may be a concert, lunch or dinner sessions, running some sort of special events or any other kind of outdoor activity. The main factor behind the successful implementation of any outdoor event is weather. If a company spends a lot of capitalin conducting an outdoor event but at the eleventh hour it starts raining the whole function as well as your money invested for this event will ruin away. To avoid such kind of loses we at weather trading offer you the fringe benefits of weather cancellation insurance service.

If you consult our services then we will keep the responsibility of taking risks regarding the money you have invested in conducting that event if it is ruined by the weather. We know that a large amount of expenditure is incurred in planning, organising , promoting and conducted any function but after taking the advantage of our services, you just forget about the loss because now your problem is our headache. We assure you that we will recover all the costs based on the size and type of weather cancellation insurance policy you have purchased from us.


It is a very tactical kind of insurance plan. The conditional weather insurance gives the companies to plan promotional sales offers prior to any weather. These companies and organizations attract their perspective customers by offering them special discounted offers for certain services provided to them in advance. For example a cash n carry store may announce in advance that they will offer a 100% rebate on all the commodities bought from their store on Friday if a particular type or volume of weather will occur on that specific day. These are actually the promotional tools followed by organizations to attract a huge amount of promotional benefits. So we at weathertrading assist our clients in conducting such promotional campaigns by offering them future weather forecast.


We at rate weather based on the weather peril dates, the location where the event is to be organized, and history regarding the weather peril that has been written e.g rain, snow fall or high temperature. The size of the insurance policy purchased also plays an important role in it. The rate demanded by the insurance company is likely to be higher if the area where the event has to be conducted is a high risk area.

So make your event a success by getting our weather insurance services.


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