Does Tennessee have a Lemon Law?

Posted by Andrew Richardson on June 15th, 2021

Like every state, Tennessee also has its lemon law. If you have been at the receiving end of a lemon vehicle, that too, in a recent purchase, you need not worry. The lemon law always favors the aggrieved consumers. So what are your options under Lemon Law in TN?

No doubt the provision of lemon law favors you if you are stuck with a lemon. But there are things to understand, like, refunds, replacements, buybacks, etc. Having an experienced attorney by your side builds up robust persecution. Let us learn more about Tennessee lemon law.

Which vehicles come under Lemon Law TN? 

Lemon Law TN covers every passenger motor vehicle and motorcycle sold in Tennessee and is subject to registration and title in Tennessee or any other state. 

Which vehicles do not come under Lemon Law TN? 

The following types of vehicles do not fall under the purview of lemon law TN 

1 - Any vehicle that is exceeding 10,000 pounds gross vehicle weight.

2 - Motor homes used as residence or place to sleep, garden tractors, recreational vehicles, or off-road vehicles 

Who can file a claim under lemon law TN?

The lemon law covers the following types of consumers:

1-Any person to whom a motor vehicle is transferred during the period of express warranty for that vehicle

2 - Any other person entitled to the terms of the warranty to enforce its obligations

3 – A subsequent transferee or future owner

4- Buyer or motor vehicle lessee (excluding a car dealer)

Who cannot file a claim under lemon law TN?

This lemon law does not cover any government body or a business registering three or more vehicles.

Do pre-owned cars come under Lemon Law TN?

Used cars are not covered under TN Lemon Law. If you have a pre-owned car still under a new warranty or extended warranty, discuss the status of your used (lemon) car with an expert Lemon Law attorney.

What to do if you have a lemon? 

If you want to file a claim, you need to follow some procedures, such as 

1 - Call your dealership to have your car examined and repaired 

2 – Collect repair invoices 

3 – Ensure the invoice has details of the problems 

4 – Keep all receipts of repairs, bills, towing charges, etc. 

What must you not do with a lemon? 

Don’t hand over your car and keys at the dealer saying you no longer want the vehicle. It could work as voluntary repossession and spoil your case. Consult a lemon law advocate if you have any problems with your new vehicle. 

To sum it up 

Make your case smoother by hiring reputed lemon law attorneys who have expertise in Lemon Law in TN.

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