Save on your energy bills with window insulation and right glass coating

Posted by americanwindowfilm on December 23rd, 2015

In the recent past, the desire to cut home’s carbon foot print has been the motivation for many people. Anyone who has decided to go for insulation of windows must have noticed a more tangible immediate benefit in the form of lower energy usage and fuel bills.

A more effective and long-lasting solution is to improve your property’s energy efficiency with some green home improvements. There are a large number of options available but the projects are more likely to have a substantial impact on your energy usage is through installing window, wall and loft insulation.

In fact, places where you lose most heat from your home is via the windows, pushing up your energy bills just like that. Though, it is impossible to stop heat loss from windows completely but window insulation through double glazing can help you keep it to a minimum level. Make a note, the initial outlay may seem to be large but having the work done will let you save money in the long run.

It has been found that replacing single glazing with double in an average home will reduce the heating bill by £130 a year as well as cutting annual CO2 emissions by 650 kg. Specifically, the double glazing works because the gap between two panes acts as an insulating barrier that stops some of the heat escaping through the glass.

Double glazing in the A-C range will be made with low-emissivity or low-E glass. It is manufactured by coating one side of the panes with metal oxide. This coating allows sunlight and heat from outside but is hugely affected in restricting the amount of heat that escapes from the room.

However, if you want to add privacy to the project, it would be advisable to hire proficient professionals for glass coating. Window films are available in varied designs and styles to choose from. These films have gained huge popularity because the companies dealing with the same feature them on favorite TV shows and even drawing inspirations from decoration magazines.

The coating films like the frosted ones are applied to facilitate windows with frosted glass effect at quite affordable rates. They are being offered in different sizes and then cut into accurate size or shapes of the windows. You are not required to use any kind of toxic glue as it will stick to the glass by it. So, get your windows insulated and coated perfectly!


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