RU486 Pill for Women is Safest Abortion Method Choice

Posted by Aelina Morgan on December 24th, 2015

There has been a raging row over accessibility of safe pregnancy termination methods. Be it surgical or medical process, reaching those services is a problem for many. The clash between pro-lifers and pro-choice campaigners are quite loud on news everyday. Some of the recent updated include legalizing of RU486 pill in Canada, pregnancy termination service providers to maintain ambulatory services etc. So, is ending a pregnancy ethical or not is a question that has taken over the world recently.

Obtaining Quality Medicines to End Pregnancy

Most regions have laws supportive to terminations if the mother’s health is threatened or free access to the process by choice, while others have complete ban on the procedure. Regions where accessing abortion pill RU486 is legal, the woman can administer the product in combination with prostaglandins at home or clinic. Some areas have strict regarding dispensing and administration of pregnancy ending medicines at a hospital only. The product in concern is used in the first stage of termination.

Fortunately many internet pharmacies provide medications for termination, which include recognized pro-choice communities and groups. The Planned Parenthood, Women on Web are great examples. Women can seek counseling before they purchase RU486 online to understand all the related positives and impacts. If the user is not aware of gestation age, she can receive womb ultrasound. For medical procedure, the woman has to be between 4 to 9 weeks pregnant, and not more than this duration.

The Safe Use of Medical Termination Pills

On intake of the tablet, the woman’s uterine endometrium line supporting fetus breaks. This is caused by inhibition of progesterone hormone. The RU486 abortion pill is ingested orally with water, and works to eliminate progesterone from developing fetal parts. The pregnancy sections come loose off womb endometrium tissue, and ready to be expelled when prostaglandin tablets are consumed. Together the medications complete pregnancy ending in 14 days.

For some, the tablets could be effective even up to 12 weeks of gestation. Understanding the precautions to RU486 abortion pill use is very important. Women with extra uterine or molar pregnancy, allergic to progesterone blockers and prostaglandins, over 12 weeks pregnant, breastfeeding, having cardiovascular/liver/kidney diseases, over 35 years of age, must not utilize this product because of safety concerns. If precautions are ignored, health of the user can be adversely affected.

Understanding the Procedure Consequences

Acquainting with possible side effects of medical process helps the person to prepare better. Not every user experiences ill effects to anti progesterone, but heavy bleeding and abdomen cramps do occur after use of prostaglandin tablets. Both these consequences are part of the regimen. Before getting RU486 online, the woman should also purchase sanitary napkins for bleeding, and recommended analgesics if needed. Some of the minimal side effects are headache, nausea, vomiting, headache, tiredness, diarrhea etc.

All these side effects get over when pregnancy ceases. Bleeding remains heavy for about 4 to 6 hours when prostaglandin tablets act in body. For next 30 days after completion of pregnancy ending, the woman slightly bleeds or may experience only spotting. Menses occurs normally in 4 to 8 weeks duration. For further care and tips, women can contact their healthcare provider.

Aelina Morgan completed her P.HD in Pharmacy. She has been dealing individually as an advisor on women’s reproductive system and having knowledge on the women's health medicines like mifepristone,RU486 abortion pill , etc., at present she is working with as medical adviser.

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