Advantages of Cartridge Shooting Bags

Posted by JohnShooter on December 24th, 2015

Cartridge shooting bags are designed to essentially hold cartridges in a safe and secure way. They are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, ranging from leather and canvas to modern synthetic materials. Cartridge bags provide a quick, secure and safe storage carrying solution for ammunition, side-arms and accessories.

They are crafted for maximum durability, weather resistance and stability during transport. Variants come with extra pockets and side flaps, useful for carrying accessories such as shooting gloves, rain choker towelling cravat, caps, shooting glasses and ear defenders. Cartridge shooting bags offer plenty of storage space for all the gear you need while at the range. They provide superior customisation, rugged construction, and help with organisation of your belongings so that you get the most out of your range time.

Cartridge bags present a compact way of carrying cartridges, ensuring that one does not run out of them. One can use a cartridge belt to re-load from the cartridge bag at your time in the shooting range. These bags come in different cartridge holding capacities ranging from 90 to 250.

Shooting bags are referred by a lot of names, some of which include shooting rests, rifle bag, field bag, rear bag, sniper bean bag, sniper sock, stock sock, and squeeze bag. Recent years have seen an explosion of bag designs. Shooting enthusiasts and professional rifle shooters often carry more than one shooting bag. They use a mid-sized bag as their primary bag, and a larger one to get a stable shot in improvised shooting positions.

Enthusiasts and professional rifle shooters use different bags depending on the match. Some matches require a large bag to help with positional shooting, while in other cases, one might need a rear bag. The individuals buy a lot of cartridge shooting bags as each bag has a different personality and pair it with their gear and shooting attire.

Advantages of cartridge shooting bags:


Cartridges shooting bags provide a dry safe home for shotgun and rifle cartridges and other forms of ammunition.

Comfortable Carrying Solution

Shooting bags offer portability and are a great carrying solution for ammunition and other shooting accessories. Shoulder straps make it easy to wear the bag across your body freeing both your hands.

Enhance Style Quotient

Cartridges shooting bags come in a variety of designs and colour options. They are a smart and practical accessory, and augment your style quotient. A good looking shooting bag will make you stand out and is a sure way to attract attention at the shooting range.


They aid in stability while shooting in different positions, thereby helping improve accuracy. There are many options to suit different shooting styles and preferences.

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