How To Keep Your Commercial Treadmill In Top Shape?

Posted by Ryan Harris on June 15th, 2021

Treadmills are one of the core equipment of any fitness facility. They are relatively easy to use and provide a predictable surface for walking or running. Training on the machines helps in improving your heart health and muscle tone while reducing the risks of tripping and falling. Due to these reasons, all kinds of users include treadmill training in their fitness routine.

It is important to care for your treadmills so that they remain in good shape for longer periods. A well-maintained piece of equipment also minimizes your maintenance costs while maximizing the returns on the initial investment. Here are a few ideas to maintain your treadmills and prolong their lifespan.

Protect The Machine From Dust And Grime

Dust, sweat, and grime are some of the most common but often overlooked enemies of fitness machines. Clean your units every day by wiping them with a cloth or a sanitizing wipe. This will prevent grime from settling on the machines and also help in getting rid of harmful germs. Regularly vacuum the area under and around the units to prevent dust and dirt from entering them. Check with your equipment manufacturer if it is safe to vacuum under the belt. If it is okay, then you must regularly vacuum the deck of the treadmills.

Check The Belt Alignment And Tension

Nearly every machine made by a reliable fitness equipment manufacturer comes with pre-adjusted belt tension. However, the belt will stretch a bit after some use. Keep an eye out for wiggling and ask your clients if they are facing any difficulties in using the treadmill. Remember that the belt tension needs to be just right. If you tighten it too much, it can cause extra strain on the motors and rollers and if it’s too loose, it will slip and damage the deck. Check if the belt is running straight down the center of the deck or not. Realign if it seems off-center to prevent imbalanced wear and tear.

Ensure The Machine Is Lubricated Properly

Lubrication is an important part of maintaining your commercial treadmill. You must lubricate the machine every 150 miles to prevent the belt from wearing. Read the instruction manual to know the proper way of conducting this maintenance exercise. It usually involves applying a lubricant spray or wax to the upper part of the running deck reached after lifting the belt. Some machines come with a self-lubricating feature. If your unit comes with the facility, then you must not lubricate it without professional advice. Unnecessary lubrication can damage the wax and the treadmill’s components.

Check The Electrical Connections

Most modern treadmills are fitted with electronic consoles and other features that are sensitive to power surges. Make sure that your machine is plugged into a surge-protected power outlet. This will protect the unit from power surges. It is also a good practice to unplug the machines when they are not in use. Another handy tip is to place a water-proof mat under your treadmills to minimize vibrations and reduce wear and tear. It will also protect the units from dirt, dust and prevent accidentally spilled water from entering the machines.

Wrapping Up

The longevity of your treadmills can be easily prolonged by following the ideas discussed here. Keep some time aside every day to clean and check your fitness equipment. This will help in the upkeep of your units and prevent any costly damage.

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