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Posted by Mathew Corper on December 24th, 2015

Believe it or not, there is a right and a wrong way to sell a timeshare. The sad part is that most of the timeshare sales happen the wrong way. Some of the tactics that are used to sell a timeshare are:

  • A presentation of the membership offer that goes on for about 90 minutes or more
  • Convincing the buyer that the value of the timeshare membership goes up with time
  • Luring prospective buyer with a free invitation to an event or a trip, or evening offering them a free meal and then turning the meeting into a sales pitch
  • Promising that you could sell or rent your timeshare whenever you want or even that the seller would buy it back from you

Have you been subjected to any of these? If your answer is yes, you are well within your rights to cancel you timeshare purchase.

Timeshare attorneys to the rescue

Most people who decide to cancel their timeshare membership are at a loss as to how to go about it. They even seem to think that signing a timeshare contract binds you legally with no way out. There is always a way out and US consumer attorneys are here to show it to you. With a combined experience of over 100 years, these attorneys are here to help you absolve yourself of any financial and contractual obligation that you may have towards the timeshare company. They have a full service team that provides all the necessary support that is required in order to negotiate with some of the largest timeshare companies in the world.

Sit back and relax, you are in good hands

The team at US consumer attorneys is dedicated to getting you out of the timeshare trap at the earliest, and they have the track record to prove it. Their aim is to protect consumers from the sham that timeshare companies put up. They demand release from your membership and help you get out of that contract so that you will not need to pay timeshare fees ever again. They have a thorough and professional process in place by which they achieve their results. While it can be difficult to cancel a timeshare, it is not impossible. They guarantee that they will do whatever it takes, legally, to get you results. If at some point they may feel the need to sue the timeshare company, you do not need to worry about additional fees.

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