Dab rigs take enjoyment to a different level

Posted by alisonreid29 on December 24th, 2015

People over the centuries have looked for ways and means to get high or intoxicated in an effort to enjoy themselves. In an effort to get maximum satisfaction, you can use substances like essential oils, extracts or other substances against a heated surface called dab rigs. This produces smoke which you can inhale to make you feel heady. It is one of the latest techniques used by smoking enthusiasts. You are expected to draw the smoke with the help of a water pipe. Water used in a dabbing rig is kept at extremely high temperatures to help produce smoke instead of direct heat to burn the substance.

When people need a slow, gradual effect without the harshness of burning, they use dab rigs. These rigs give a much more uniform experience. Also, there is no direct combustion involved so it is safe for the surrounding environment. No smoke is emanated which can disturb people sitting around you. You can slowly and steadily puff away. You can use a water pipe for dabbing using substances for intoxication in any form. You can use it in oil form, in the form of direct extracts or concentrate. Most of these rigs are made with glass which you can buy in various fancy shapes and sizes.

Dab rigs are mostly used by adding concentrates of legal substances to the water. You can take a single dose or hit, as the commonly referred term goes. When dabbing you will use a water pipe to inhale through your mouth. Rigs are made with glass which can be heated with handheld torch. After adding the concentrate to the heated nail or skillet, you have to be careful as it flashes into vapor. You have to quickly inhale to get the maximum effect and enjoy pure bliss.

Dab rigs are available in unique shapes, like Versace can, oil spill, baby bottle, soft drink bottle and many more. They have many fancy names too such as recycler blue, space monkey coil condenser, lost art cottontail and so on. The water pipe attached to each rig is shaped differently, some rise up straight and some are slanted. Some water pipes are detachable from the main body of the rig. The glass used for dabbing rigs is tempered to withstand extreme temperature. The colors used are varied and make the rigs very attractive. Blue, green, yellow are some common colors apart from clear white or frosted look.

Companies selling dab rigs can also repair any damaged part of your favorite equipment. You can check the manufacturing company’s website and order your chosen water pipe online or send it for repair. You can browse carefully to see the product details before ordering. The descriptions mention whether the pipes and mouthpieces are detachable or not, the number of holes the bowl contains and other details. When you order online through the official website you stand to receive handsome discounts on your purchase. Like most online stores, you can track your shipment and enjoyed secured payment mode. With new designer rigs you can enjoy puffing away to your satisfaction.

You should order accurate water pipe for complete satisfaction. Efficient and smooth functioning of dab rigs can liven up your party.

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