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Recently, players of SWTOR cannot enjoy the Bounty Contract Week. Because there is something wrong with the game. Well, do you want to find out the real reasons for it? What influences it will make on players? And what actions they will take to it? Welcome to Swtor2credits to get some latest news.Welcome to buy cheapest swtor credits and enjoy best service on swtor2credits.

What's wrong with the Bounty Contract Week?

If you are planning to play the bounty contract week, you will find that it will stop and kick you back the main site, which means, with characters level 15+, you cannot do nothing to raises your reputation with the Bounty Brokers Association.

What influences it will make on players?

So players who are fascinated with the bounty contract week will lose their faith in this game. Many people hold that Bioware clearly doesn't care about its customers. They somehow fail to realize that they should bear the responsibility to fix this kind of thing. And what makes this worse is there's a Star Wars 7 in the theatres at the moment and it's kind of a big thing. It's going to inevitably drive new people to this game. When they get there what will they see? Will they feel disappointed with this thing?

Does the official take actions to tackle this problem?

So far, we cannot see any effective methods have been adopted to tackle this problem. Although the official has identified the issues, well, due to the nature of the issues and the impending holiday, they claimed that they will not be fixing the event until in January.

Why does this issue cannot be dealt fast?

The possible explanations can be divided into two aspects: first, their management is not perfect; second, they don't have enough staff left to do this. So we expect them to maintain a full staff and continue developing new content through the holidays to ensure the game runs smoothly.

No matter you like it or not, the thing has happened. Maybe, you can put the Bounty Contract Week aside at the moment and see the Star Wars 7 together with your family members or close friends to free yourself. It is believed that you can play it again not long before. At that time, if you need cheapest swtor gold to purchase supplements, you can choose Swtor2credits to get you needs. As a comprehensive site, there is latest news online; you can feel free to search for information useful to you.

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