The new high temperature resin

Posted by zccyfiberglass on December 25th, 2015

CRG company has developed a new high temperature resin (service temperature is 300-450 ℃) with ultra-low flammability, heat release and smoke release, similar to the workability and cost of epoxy resin. In addition, it can be curable into a thermoplastic state at temperatures below 110 ℃,  when the temperature is higher than 110 ℃ it will crosslinking. it can be converted into an almost pure carbon material at higher temperatures.

MG resin combine with fiber reinforcement using conventional processing technology to provide for low-cost, high-temperature structural composites potential. Water is the only volatile generation thing, it does need to be managed porosity, polymer analogous condensation reaction, such as phenolic resins and polyimides. However, preliminary tests MG resin composites showed lower amplitude compared to the heat release phenolic resin.

MG1000 test sample produced by glass fiber and carbon fiber fabrics and carbon fiber mat and hand lay-up by vacuum injection. Carbon fiber panels and carbon mat plate is autoclave at 200-250 ℃ and 2 hours post-curing. Fiberglass chopped strand mat  sample cured in an oven at 250 ℃. MG3000 test sample was prepared in a similar manner. Breadboard use abrasive fibers and resin production, and strive to explore low-density material ablation and thermal protection systems for (TPS) for the potential use spacecraft. Although the polymer formulation, processing and curing cycle to continue to decrease further optimized porosity, overall, the resulting composite exhibits good.

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