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Posted by Gustavsen Napier on June 15th, 2021

There are loads of game titles, and consequently, there are also a lot of game genres in the world. There are main genres, subgenres, and other thematic elements in the millions of games in the market. free hunting games downloads which could actually be even classified as a subgenre is hunting games. If you are the kind of player who has a knack for searching for items and creatures, hunting games will fit the bill. Hunting games, quite literally, try and emulate hunting in real life. Hunting games are not just exclusive to human hunters because, of course, there are also predators out there. If you are itching to try a couple of hunting games, Games.LOL is the answer to your prayers. Apart from those that we recommend, there are hundreds more on Games.LOL for you to choose from. Even better? All games can be downloaded and played for free on Games.LOL! • Big Hunter – Do you want to know what it is like to hunt thousands of years ago? Big Hunter is about hunting in the primeval age except the graphics are playfully modern and fun. You are the tribal leader which also means you should be the most experienced hunter, providing food for your people. You can also improve your tools like axes, sickles, spears, and such to face even more formidable animals since these animals can often be pretty smart. • Hungry Shark Evolution – The open sea is home to numerous yummy fishes and some very hungry shark. This is exactly the premise of Hungry Shark Evolution because there is this certain shark (you) that needs endless feeding. However, it is not just some random feeding frenzy. The ultimate goal is not just to eat loads of fish and other prey but to eat so much that you eventually become the feared Mega Shark of the sea. Eat everything in your path, from fish to even humans! • Ace Fishing: Wild Catch – Fishing actually needs a lot of skills to do. Fishing is a rather tedious task that also needs some special equipment that not everyone can afford. Fret not because Ace Fishing: Wild Catch exists specifically for aspiring fisher folk who do not have the means to physically fish yet. The world will be your arena in Ace Fishing: Wild Catch! Your records can also be shown off in the game’s global ranking system! • Taloor Hunting – Let’s face it, not everyone can aim right, much less hunt down a bird. For someone who is not trained, trying to shoot a flying bird is an almost unfeasible task. If you are truly curious what it feels like to hunt down flighty creatures, Taloor Hunting is here to quench your thirst. What makes this game a great hunting game is it is actually extremely easy to play but definitely fun all around. • Survivalcraft Demo – The situation is this: you are suddenly isolated in a deserted island and left to fend for yourself. Think Minecraft, but with heightened survival needs. So, what does one do when left alone on an island? Try to survive and look for food, of course! This blocky infinite island has everything you need but you need to have the skills to know how to utilize these resources.

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