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Posted by Landry Mcconnell on June 15th, 2021

There are loads of game titles, and consequently, there are also a lot of game genres in the world. Games also have loads of genres, subgenres under those genres, and even more unique stuff and themes. “Hunting Games” is a subgenre of games that is not really that recognized probably because it often intersects with other genres and subgenres. The premise of hunting games are quite straightforward. Hunting games, quite literally, try and emulate hunting in real life. Another great thing about hunting games is that you can either play as a human hunter or an animal hunter. There are quite literally hundreds of hunting games out there and sometimes it is a big question what to try and where to try it but the good thing is that Games.LOL exists. Apart from those that we recommend, there are hundreds more on Games.LOL for you to choose from. What’s more, kids hunting games offer all of the games free of charge! • Big Hunter – Do you want to know what it is like to hunt thousands of years ago? Well, Big Hunter provides a pretty interesting look at the prehistoric era, except, in a more modern and fun aesthetic way. In the game, players play the role of a tribal leader who hunts mammoths and saber tooths to feed his group. To effectively hunt your game, you can make use the first human tools like spears, sickles, and more. • Hungry Shark Evolution – Predators of the sea can be assured that they will not be scrambling and hungry for food because the sea is loaded with them. This is good news for Hungry Shark Evolution’s Great White Shark hunter because it needs to eat as much as possible. However, it is not just some random feeding frenzy. This shark also has a goal – to become the seven seas’ ultimate Mega Shark! Eat everything in your path, from fish to even humans! • Ace Fishing: Wild Catch – Fishing is not for everyone. Oftentimes, fishing is more of a job rather than a hobby, and a very uncomfortable one at that. Thankfully, we have Ace Fishing: Wild Catch to emulate fish catching in the comfort of our own home. You will not just be fishing in a puny lake near your house because the world is yours for the taking! You also get to see how other fisher folks perform based on the global rankings. • Taloor Hunting – Bird hunting is an odd sport and it requires a lot of skill. Trying to shoot something that fast is almost impossible to do. Taloor Hunting is a 3D experience that emulates real first person bird hunting. Taloor Hunting is a fun and easy hunting game that any hunting game enthusiast ought to try. • Survivalcraft Demo – Being marooned in an island, especially one that is riddled with loads of resources might not be such a bad thing. Think Minecraft, but with heightened survival needs. As an individual, you obviously need to sustain yourself and this is only done either through foraging or hunting. Do anything you can to survive in Survivalcraft Demo, including hunt, of course!

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