What Is Breast Implants Surgery?

Posted by breastimpalntssg on December 25th, 2015

Breast implants surgery, also called breast augmentation surgery, which is to expand the undeveloped or the small breast . At present stage , there are three common breast implants surgeries: prosthesis breast implant surgery; autologous fat transplantation breast implant surgery; Injections breast implants surgery. However, it would better remind you that the pros and cons of those kinds of breast implant surgeries are obviously exist.But information people learned from the orthopedic hospital the advertisement is one-sided. We must consider carefully.  

Breast implants is a kind of plastic surgery to improve woman's figure. Breast implants have emerged in the 1960 s. This surgery is order to put some stuffing, such as silica gel, in the breast. Since the 1960 s, silica gel was often used as breast implants material, because it was weekly excluded by human body, and it’s texture is similar to the the breast tissue of human body, making feel more natural. In the early 1980 s, American investigators have doubt that silica gel would lead to breast cancer, so the authorities stopped using silica gel, and changed to use the safer one——saline bag. The salt water will be absorbed by the body in case the bags broke. However, the saline is not necessarily foolproof. In the 1990 s, an American woman was on a trip to Canada , her saline bag was frozen because the temperature dropped down suddenly , causing her breathe difficultly and even be suffocate. In addition, in 2007, a Taiwan woman’s saline was punctured by a bee in the suburbs and occurs the embarrassing situation of asymmetry breast size .

Breast implants surgery require that the patient need to be cut out of the wound and add stuffing. The wound to be hidden, of course, it’s better to avoid being found. The armpit, areola or mammary gland are usually good choices. Using saline as stuffing can have a small wound, because the bag will be put into the breast first and then inject saline. Breast implants surgery is a way to expand the breast in a short time, the breast skin will be thinner than normal skin because of the implants stretching . Thus, the patient should be very careful in life.