Florida restaurant liquor license and beer and wine license: Stay informed

Posted by juliabennet on December 26th, 2015

There are basically two kinds of liquor licenses that can be useful to you as a restaurant owner. The first one is a beer and wine license and the second one is a restaurant liquor license. Well, don’t confuse yourself with what comes next – there are several categories of licenses which can be obtained under just these two broad divisions. So, what do you need in such a case? Help from a professional liquor license brokerage firm is what can save you all the hassle of going through unending paperwork and negotiations in respective government departments. There are several benefits of letting such a firm oversee the liquor license formalities.

The first and most important advantage of letting the expert take the decisions is that your organization will be represented well in all the right places, where it matters the most. These firms have years of experience in this field which makes them competent enough to offer advice, take the necessary steps and help you in getting the kind of beer and wine license you are looking for. You may need an APS license, 2 APS, a 1 or 2 COP license. Let your service provider decide that for you. This particular kind of license is usually required by those who wish to go for packaged sales or on-premise sales. However, it is different from restaurant liquor license.  

Their experience with the control offices allows them a smooth access and streamlined services. Whether you wish to buy or sell a beer and wine license you can use their experience in contacting the right people. You may not be aware of the regulations but as a brokerage firm they are very well informed about such matters. A lot of important work stays undone among all the complications of getting a license application process conducted smoothly. You can let a brokerage firm take care of all these issues while you can focus on other important activities.

This goes the same way for a restaurant liquor license as well, only that it is tougher to obtain than the other one. For instance, one of the criteria is that the revenue that you plan to get from sales of food, beverages and other non alcoholic beverages should be more than fifty one per cent. A number of approvals need to be acquired and submitted in order to get an SRX license. Thanks to the brokerage firms, you can expect support and assistance in every step of the way.

You may also want to note of this fact that the present owners of licenses may also want to sell them to you as there are only a limited number left for first time buyers. This is applicable for both beer and wine license and restaurant liquor license in Florida. Not just this, you can get a license on loan from private lenders on certain terms. Furthermore, the services offered by a brokerage firm in order to help you get the license you require is inclusive of all the activities until you are successful in opening the doors of your property to customers.

Important information about beer and wine license and restaurant liquor license will help you in obtaining the one you require.   

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