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Posted by Sarah Jones on June 16th, 2021

With the growing competition in business around the world, it has become essential to take financial advice from trusted and certified personnel. This has increased the demand for certified public accountants in the market. A certified public accountant, also known as CPA, is a highly qualified financial advisor trusted by businesses for their financial strengthening and organizational success. A CPA helps any individual, business, or organization to reach their financial objectives and organizational goals through strategies, plans, and confidential advice. It doesn’t matter if your goals are too ambitious or too small; a CPA will help you with any financial issues.

An experienced CPA can help you customize your needs and perform some basic functions for you or your organization like taxation, auditing, fraud investigation, bookkeeping, cost management, etc. They provide insights, analysis, and solutions for your various business operations and management to enhance its growth and success. They assist your business with optimum financial plans and effective accounting systems.

Here are a few points that we will discuss to give you every necessary detail about a certified public accountant for your better understanding before hiring one of them.

What are the services offered by a CPA?

A public certified accountant or CPA is responsible for guiding you or your organization with all tax-related services, IRS representation, auditing services, and financial planning for maximum refunds, reduced cost, and saves your time and money. A CPA communicates and negotiates on your behalf with the IRS to settle claims. They also look after the cost management of your business operations to get maximum tax refunds and the organization’s revenue.

How much experience should a CPA have?

Nowadays, the experience of a professional plays a crucial role in deciding their efficiency, skills, and knowledge in their particular field of expertise. If you are looking for a CPA, then make sure that the person has more than ten years of experience in practicing tax services. A CPA with 20-25 years of practice can be termed as well-experienced and may prove to be the best choice for you.

Is it necessary for your CPA to have an active certificate?

Yes, it is compulsory for a professional CPA to have an active license from any authorized accounting board authority. It will be an additional benefit for you if your CPA is a licensed Enrolled Agent by the IRS for accuracy in your tax returns.

Is your CPA a member of a professional accounts-related organization?

Ensure to check if your CPA is a member of authorized accounts-related organizations or not. Some of the organizations, such as the National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA) and Appraisal Institute, consist of professional CPAs with years of experience as their members.

What does a CPA offer in their initial consultation?

If you contact any CPA over the phone, then they will offer to visit them for a detailed conversation and private consultation. Some CPAs provide a free initial consultation for an hour or half and brief you about short yet informative plans about your taxes, audits, cost, etc. If you opt for a paid initial consultation, then the CPA will acknowledge every small detail of your taxes, income statement, expense sheet, previous tax records, employee sheet, etc. and study them for thorough analysis and give solutions with a compact financial strategy to maximize your refunds and reduce the cost incurred.

Is it better to keep records online on computer programs?

Financial record maintenance is the key to accurate tax submission and meets the requirements of the IRS. Keeping your records manual style has the risk of error, omission, or misplacement. Tax authorities like IRS and CPA professionals now suggest keeping your records online for safety, security, and cloud storage. A CPA professional can utilize these records at one click and perform all the necessary actions for your better tax return and financial planning.

Are CPAs available with flexible working hours for meetings?

Most of the CPAs work on flexible working hours. If your CPA is a professional and renowned personality, then you may need an appointment to fix a meeting. On emergency purposes or special occasions, CPA enables instant meetings and fixes your issues.

What are the Tax documents required by your CPA?

It is mandatory for you to provide all types of your income and expense statement to the CPA for including them in your tax return and eliminate any chances of missing records that may cause issues with your cibil score and IRS requirements.

What are the mistakes to avoid while working with a CPA?

It is crucial to be completely honest with your CPA. Your conversation with the CPA remains confidential, so trust in their service and be honest. If not, then it will create problems in your IRS audit. Avoid the mistake of not following the advice of your CPA. Follow their planning and wait for an optimum result.


So, look for a CPA that has a specialization, experience, license, and skills to handle your tax services, audit performance, and financial planning. Get in touch with the best CPA such as Just Call Jack to enjoy the optimum service benefits.

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