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Posted by Edward on December 27th, 2015

What fabric should one opt for while buying clothes for their babies? What is the best suited material for infants based depending on the active season? We’ve all been there as parents. These are some very common questions for every parent out there. The process of shopping for baby clothes is not a walk in the park. Also, with the ever increasing number of brands in the market, one is often spoilt for choice. Knowing what kind of fabric will suit your baby takes centre stage.

Here we provide a breakdown to ease out your kids wear shopping experience like never before. 

  1.        The Evergreen Cotton:

Undoubtedly, you can never go wrong with cotton! There’s a reason why it is the most commonly used material when it comes to kids clothes. Cotton is essentially soft in nature and is absorbent as well. Apart from being gentle on your little one’s skin, it is also comfortable to wear for longer periods. It is easy to clean as well which is just the icing on the cake.

  1.        The Mesmerizing Silk:

It doesn’t matter if you’re buying gowns for girls or designer baby boy clothes, kids clothes made of silk will always stay in fashion. Not only are they pleasing on the eyes, but good for their skin as well. This material is naturally anti-microbial in nature. This in turn helps prevent infections and other related problems.


  1.        Winter-y Wool :

This is a no-brainer! When was the last time you saw a cute little baby gobbled up in a sweater and went ‘Awwwwww’? Ideal for the winter season, wool is prominently used in making sweaters or full sleeves t-shirts. No material can keep your kid as warm as wool. Period!

  1.        Cotton & Spandex Blends:

We’ve already discussed how baby friendly cotton is when we talk about kids clothing. Now adding the stretching ability to that makes for one perfect amalgamation. Hence, this becomes ideal for legwarmers and tights.

  1.        The Smoothness of Micro-fibre:

Micro fibre material is tailor made for sensitive skin. These are much more absorbent in many ways, even better in this category than cotton. They are extremely smooth to touch and highly comfortable in nature.

  1.        The Essence of Fleece:

Another fabric meant for winters, fleece is often used to make baby outerwear. It is meant for layering in ways more than one. Having said that, it can be used during in-between seasons given how fragile little babies are. One can call this a vegan alternative per se. It dries fairly quickly and is moisture wicking by nature. Moreover, it is high on kids fashion as well.

Buying kids clothes takes some doing; just be wary of the fabric you choose, as it is highly detrimental for your kids wellbeing and comfort. Opting for a less friendly fabric might cause rashes and irritation to your child. You wouldn’t want that, would you? Ergo, pick out baby clothes wisely! 

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