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Posted by Ambitious Agency on June 16th, 2021

If you're starting an eCommerce website, there are many free themes that you can use. However, these free themes aren't enough to attract people to your site and enjoy the UI/UX designs that they may find on your peer's website. Especially when you're adding a news or blog section to your eCommerce website, there are a few things that are necessary to be looked at. For instance, it can be the overall design presentation, design layout, blog post title,  etc., that eventually drives sales to your online store. Well, here are a few examples of how you can incorporate some amazing eCommerce website design elements. 

Make sure your blog and online store match. 

If your eCommerce store follows a unique theme, ensure that your blogs also display the same theme. When the blog section maintains the same layout as that of the store, the entire website looks symmetric. Include snippets from your other blog posts or other Instagram posts that make your site buzz like a brand. Also, it displays the inspiration of an overall brand. 

Minimalistic design 

A single-column layout for your blog doesn't make it cluttered. Therefore, the readers can concentrate on the blog content while not getting distracted by ads or snippets that aren't useful for them at that particular time. This tactic comes in handy when you want your visitors to focus on a new announcement, newly launched product, sales and promotion, and so on. 

Let customers create your content. 

Customers are the best loyal brand ambassadors anyone can have. Well, you can turn towards the people who are using your products enthusiastically or talking about your products, like content creators. The blogs should be created to deliver content over anything else. Not only will the customers be interested in joining your platform, but also bring in new content that will show how these people love your brand. 

Get subscribers 

The chosen blog layout can be used to capture new email subscribers. Your blog visitors might not be in the mood of purchasing as of today, but by getting their emails, you can subscribe to them with some great content. In addition, you get to grab on an opportunity for future sales by sending them emails after they leave your website. So, when they're ready to buy your product or service, your emails, newsletters, and promotions are already in their inboxes. 

Talk about what your customers are speaking of 

The eCommerce website design and the blog post must be talking about topics that are relevant to your customers' interests. Incorporate a design and a topic that customers are already discussing. This will help your website to draw more attention and sales. 

Social blogging networks 

When combined with the goodness of an amazing eCommerce website design, various social blogging platforms allow your business to maintain an active presence on the internet and get a newer, dedicated user base right to you. 

Bold photography 

A website is nothing greater without excellent product photography. This is a legitimate way to enhance your shopper's interests as well as an upgrade to a commendable eCommerce website design. Simply put, your content strengthens with good quality imagery. 

All these might seem intimidating at first, but there is an imperative need to seek a web design agency when you're a growing business. A web design agency lets your website perfect the elements that others in your niche have already mastered. From a simple blog design to a fully-fledged website theme, this professional team of skilled and talented people knows how to get your brand tapped into customer's interests with website design. To get your business all the benefits right under one roof, visit Ambitious - your marketing and designing partner. 

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