Are you sure your child will be studying in a good school?

Posted by sunainaram on December 30th, 2015

You probably started worrying about which school to admit your child once you got over the initial euphoria of having a child! There are even people who start checking out various schools in Bannerghatta by the time their child is a year old. There is so much of thought and care that goes into each parent’s decision as they strive to choose the best school to admit their child.

Let’s take a look at the parameters that you would have probably considered while selecting the school. You would have spoken to your friends and relatives about the various schools in Bannerghatta road. Each person would have given you their personal opinion about the best features of the school. They would have told you that the school has been consistently producing good results in class ten and twelve every year. Or they would have told you that the school has AC classrooms, a swimming pool, gym, and even teach horse riding. Some people would have told you that a particular school is good as it was established four to five decades ago. If you are really interested in your child’s future and development, don’t go with vague feeling and personal opinions. Use a logical technique that will help you weed out the weak schools and select the best school for your child.

There are many parameters that can be used to check if the school will be good for your child. The four basic parameters are academic, extra-curricular activities, co-curricular activities, and environment. You should check the academic records of the school, the type of teaching system they follow and the pass percentage of the students in the public exams. You should also check if the school employs experienced and expert staff to handle the various subjects. Their classroom teaching technique should also influence your decision.

Extra-curricular and co-curricular activities are organized by the school to help improve the child’s cognitive, creative and logical thinking skills. These activities fill the gaps left by academic activities and encourage team work and cooperation. Drama, music, skits, recitation, writing and other competitions are usually conducted as a part of the extra-curricular activities. A good school will also encourage the student to take up a sport and excel in it. Sports help in the physical and mental development of the child. Tours, one-day trips, exhibitions, and projects are other activities that help improve the learner’s confidence and self-learning skills. Above all these, the school environment should be clean and friendly. The relaxing and comfortable ambience of the school campus should encourage the child to come back every day.

If a school clears all these parameters, then it is definitely a good school for your child.

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