Best Apps for Recording Audio on Android & iOS

Posted by Alan Owen on June 17th, 2021

Smartphones offer several features. If your smartphone does not include a specific feature, you can visit Google Play Store and download an app to enhance the functionality of your smartphone. If we talk about recording audio on smartphones, some may call it a bad idea. That is because the in-built microphones on the smartphones are designed for merely talking, not for recording audio professionally. Do you know you can enhance the quality of the in-built microphone of your smartphone? If not, this is a good place for you. Before thinking of investing in an expensive microphone, try out these apps. Surely, they will come up to your expectations. Take a look at the list of the best apps for recording audio on Android and iOS.

ASR Voice Recorder

ASR Voice Recorder is a simple-to-use voice recorder application that lets you record clear audio. You can export the audio in various formats like FLAC, MP3, WAV, and OGG. The free version of the app offers just limited features. The pro version lets you upload your audio files to the cloud storage. You can cut and trim any portion of the audio. You can listen while recording audio in earphones or headphones. You can share the recorded audio file on the social media site of your choice. The app is only 11MB. You can get it on Google Play Store. It is available only on the Android platform.

Dolby Move

Dolby Move is a superb voice recorder. It turns your phone into a fantastic voice editor. The app is free to download on Android and iOS devices. A great feature of the app is noise reduction. You can suppress the unwanted noise from the sides and improve the audio quality to a great extent. Dolby Move comes with EQ settings and compression features. The app lets you add a sonic touch to your audio. You can create a stereo mix with the help of the features available on the app. In addition to these, you can boost bass and treble. The voice recorder app offers options to share your audio on Facebook, Instagram, and various other social media sites.

Voice Pro

Voice Pro is a versatile audio recorder with professional editing features. You can not only record audio but edit it also on your Android device. This app can prove a boon for those who can’t afford a studio for recording their high-quality vocals. Record your vocals in a silent place and clean the audio to remove noise and disturbing elements. You can select effects and add them to your vocals.  It lets you record audio in more than 100 formats. Users can change the tempo and volume also. You can export the audio file in high-quality MP3 format. It costs just .21.

Easy Voice Recorder

Easy Voice Recorder is a useful but straightforward recording app for those who are fond of recording audio. It captures audio very clearly. You can record your vocals and fine-tune them using the features available on the app. You can record lectures in good quality. The interface of Easy Voice Recorder looks great in default dark color. The pro version lets you record audio using a smartwatch too. The free version has some limitations. To take advantage of the additional features, shell out some bucks and go for the Pro version.

Titanium Voice Recorder

Titanium Voice Recorder is a free voice recorder app for Android. You can record, adjust the volume gain of the microphone. You can operate other applications while recording audio in the background. You can set your recording as a ringtone. In addition to these, you can share your recordings directly on social media sites. It has more than one million downloads on Google Play Store. It is free and supported by ads.

These are the best apps for recording audio on Android and iOS. We have mentioned the features of each so that you can easily pick the best one.


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