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This research line focuses on studying which types of sensory feedbacks are optimum to provoke such experiences, as well as understanding their interaction with emotion and behaviour. At the intersection between the fields of neuroscience and human-computer interaction , this research line is affiliated to the Human Neuroscience Lab at Universidad Loyola. To advance scientific knowledge about the relationship between memory, cognition and language, both from a cognitive psychological point of view as well as from one of neuroscience. In all cases, the project will contribute to our scientific understanding of a phenomenon of implicit learning, and of how reading and writing develop in children, and how these capabilities can diminish in the elderly. This knowledge will allow us to refine psycho-cognitive models of reading and writing. Pablo de Olavide University has competitive research groups and research centers which collaborate at the national and international levels. Due to my training in Methodology, I acquired advanced skills in research methods and experimental design, as well as quantitative or qualitative data analysis, and wide experience in Meta Analysis, Psychometry, and Clinical Epidemiology, among other subjects. In that respect, an approach to what is shared and participatory among the teaching and learning group is required (Mercader & Bartolomé, 2006). In addition, this approach evaluates these virtual environments to learn and reflect upon their social and educational implications. Moreover, the research undertaken makes a significant contribution to the innovation and evaluation of the teaching curriculum to provide a tool for evaluating hypermedia materials of an educational and technological nature. The University placed second in Research Productivity in the 2013 ranking of public Spanish universities and stands out in Andalusia for its teaching productivity. Likewise, we used AAQ’s workplace-specific version, offering a more valid estimate of flexibility in this setting but making it harder to compare to results of studies using general AAQ. Our results offer initial support for the scale’s internal consistency and predictive validity in this context. Psychologist at C.S.I., Bergamo .My task was giving psychological service support to prevent dropout in compulsory education.The project, called "Programma 2you - due volte ragazzi" and carried out in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, University and Research, aimed at preventing early high school dropout. The activities were initial screening interviews with young people in trouble reported by the Class Council, which was followed by individual personal projects. Monitoring individual school situations and planning personalized projects to re-motivate and support each student in the process of their studies and personal growth. The project also aimed to raise awareness about the use and abuse of alcohol and drugs, through a shared residential experience in the class, to promote the observation, analysis and understanding of the group dynamics. About three-fourths (73%) of all doctors interviewed thought that primary health care centers could play an important role in rehabilitation programs. Cardiac rehabilitation is poorly implemented in the Spanish National Health Service. The most significant differences between programs were related to the inclusion of high risk patients and with a diagnosis other than myocardial infarction, coordination with out-patient services, and provision of phase III rehabilitation. On a weekly basis she also collaborates at SINEWS headquarters performing evaluations on children with learning difficulties. From Seville she moves to Valencia to work on a different psychological research field, this time focusing on human reading skills learning and visual recognition of words. Laura researches on these aspects through ocular movement techniques and electroencephalography, always from an evolutive point of view and tracking any potential challenges that may arise. Adults and adolescents with emotional and social relationship problems (anxiety, depression, self-esteem, stress, deficit in social skills …). Currently, he is investigating the application of the grid technique in the field of organizational psychology, by studying the personal constructs associated with burnout or being burned out at work during the COVID-19 pandemic. He has complementary training in Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness, Systemic Family Therapy, Expert in therapies with virtual reality, online psychological intervention, Mentalization Based Therapy. Afterwards, she studied a Master in Family Intervention and Mediation with focus on research. In January 2011 she presented her MSc final project entitled 'The importance of the family context in the development of sense of coherence during adolescence', supervised by Dr. Carmen Moreno, principal investigator of the survey Health Behaviour in School-aged Children in Spain. Human relations can sometimes be complicated and can bring conflicts and misunderstandings between parties. She is Associate Professor of CCSS in Personality, Assessment and Clinical Psychology , and External Collaborating Professor in UNED. In any case, the assessment of the quality of MOOCs is an emerging research field. In this respect, we estimate the need for more studies on certain indicators of quality assessment of online courses, as well as longitudinal psicologo en sevilla (Stödberg, 2012) or comparative studies . And, more specifically, to continue researching into methods that improve student assessments , effective automated assessment, immediate feedback systems, and a better guarantee of usability (Oncu & Cakir, 2011). This study initiates innovation and research on the assessment of the quality of MOOCs. In these studies, increased PF is related to decreased emotional exhaustion, decreased depersonalization, and increased personal accomplishment, with the strongest relations found for emotional exhaustion. An ACT intervention reduced emotional exhaustion and depersonalization in a sample of government workers, and improvements in PA mediated decreases in emotional exhaustion but not depersonalization (Lloyd et al., 2013). Likewise, PF mediated burnout reduction in a mindfulness-based intervention for nurses (Duarte & Pinto-Gouveia, 2017). The same may be said, to a lesser but still valid degree, for FAP’s courage and love. Psychological flexibility refers to one’s ability to mindfully stay in contact with the present moment and act according to one’s values, even when one is experiencing unpleasant thoughts, emotions, and bodily sensations (Bond et al., 2011). Courage and love findings add additional, potentially important considerations. Also, one of the hallmarks of the laboratory is the design of cognitive and perceptive tasks to assess any cerebral function in humans, from memory to language, and including perception, attention or emotions. In April 2014, she got her PhD after completing her doctoral thesis titled "Sense of coherence in adolescence. The contribution from family and other contexts to its development and its impact in health". From 2004 to 2009, she studied her degree in Psychology at the University of Seville. A good therapist will make that process a lot easier, and more likely that you see it through. In the Malaga/Gibraltar area there are English speaking support groups for substance misuse and impulse control groups . Of course it is a normal part of life to suffer from sadness or grief from time to time, which may leave us wondering if what we’re feeling is normal or something more serious. The leading cause of people taking time off work, across the globe, is depression. The world was shocked when actor Robin Williams took his own life in 2014 – but every year one million people commit suicide. Among the benefits found in patients with PD, there is an improvement in gait, balance, and mobility, in addition to an increase in aerobic and cardiorespiratory capacity, a reduction in risk for falls and tremors, and an improvement in non-motor aspects such as cognitive, social, and emotional aspects. Another recent study,7 evaluates the effectiveness of targeted ballet treatment in women with relapsing-remitting MS with moderate disability, after an intervention of 60 min per session/2 times a week/ for 16 weeks, obtaining an improvement in balance, in movement coordination and a decrease in ataxia. SP-DBT is the Spanish Association for Dialectical Behavior Therapy , created and developed by a team of psychologists with extensive experience in the assessment and treatment of personality disorders. In order to improve scientific and professional development in this area, the SP-DBT aims to create a network for mental health professionals working with DBT in Spain and specialists and associations in other countries. The area of research of Clinical and Health Psychology is relevant for the development of a person's health and wellbeing, be it physical, psychological or social. In the current study, we explored these processes in a cross-sectional survey of Spanish mental health professionals. We were interested in replicating previous findings that psychological flexibility is associated with all facets of burnout and emotional exhaustion most strongly, and identifying the unique predictive power of ACL in explaining dimensions of burnout above and beyond psychological flexibility. We hypothesized that courage and love in particular would significantly predict depersonalization and personal accomplishment over and above psychological flexibility. To our knowledge, this is the first exploration of how these contextual-behavioral processes collectively and uniquely predict burnout in mental health professionals. Furthermore, previous research has employed the general form of the widely used measure of flexibility, the Acceptance and Action Questionnaire . Phase II rehabilitation was provided by all units, and phase III treatment was provided mainly by units that operated in coordination with out-patient services (45%). All units provided physical exercise training and counseling about the disease and risk factors, and 73% of them provided psychological support. The main reasons cited for providing rehabilitation were its efficacy and ability to prevent illness; and the main barriers to more widespread use were lack of resources and support.

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