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Posted by goldsafe21 on December 31st, 2015

As WOW Legion is coming soon, we might wonder if this new expansion could be a great start after a tough year in Warlords of Draenor. Objectively, the answer is yes. Considering the rich contents it will provide, like new demon class and class hall system, it is beyond doubt that Legion will reinvigorate, if not new but at least the old fans. If you are one of them, welcome to buy wow cheap gold on safewow!

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Wow legion contains lots of contents

If the reasons that lead to subscription numbers dwindling in World of Warcraft are complex, there is one reason that is doubtless – the lack of contents in WoD. And here is where we say Legion would be a great start. From what we know of Legion, there will be plenty to do, including a whole new Demon Hunter class, some new zones, profession quests, many dungeons and raids, as well as a series of repeatable content that will keep players immersed until new patches roll out. WoD, however, has little reason to log in except doing your daily Garrison chores. Though new content eventually came in the last patch, it seems too little and too late.
Many beloved characters back in Legion

Well, other than various contents, Legion must call back die-hard fans by recalling many beloved characters. In wow legion, players will encounter many old familiar characters, such as the seemingly immortal Archimonde, the ace-high Illidan, and other dastardly demons from the past.
Even better, different from the disconnection in WoD, you will be back in the universe and face the direct and imminent threat via the Burning Legion.
Legion Class Halls will replace the Garrison

Garrison might be the most controversial update in WoD, while providing players the chance to mark the world and entertain from building house, the Garrison destroyed the game by isolating players and offering boring chores to complete. But in Legion, you will get a new thing to replace Garrison. This is Class Halls, something like the Garrison, but better than Garrison as there will be better Followers, more interaction among players, and less grinding.

Legion might be not so much perfect, but with all above advantages, it is a potentially great expansion. After the failures of WoD, this upcoming expansion is expected to give players a reason to stay or come back. The future is looking bright, so you will be there right? Just buy wow gold cheap with paysafecard on Safewow any time when you need!

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