Phone repairs and smartphone repair: Fixing screens at home

Posted by articlelink01 on January 3rd, 2016

One of the basics of phone repairs or smartphone repair is the fixing of a broken screen. Phones, more particularly, smartphones are the most common electronic gadget, possessed by almost everyone on this planet. However, the more tech savvy the phones become, one thing remains constant, their screens are infuriatingly fragile and breakable. But how many screens can you keep on replacing from professional companies, given the fact that they are extremely expensive? That is the reason that everyone owning a smartphone must know the very basics of repairing their screens. Here are a few suggestions on how to do that.

First things first, before you can actually get down and dirty into your phone repairs or smartphone repair, you have to become a little acquainted with them. This means you have to go through the manuals that came with them originally. See what the devices are made of and what is compatible with what.

The next step is to carefully remove the back cover, the battery and any other cables that you may be able to see. If there are any adhesives, simply give them a tug and they will come off too. The next step is to take a sharp object like a stainless steel blade and try to detach the front screen from your mobile. Just insert one of the tips of the blade along the edge and push upwards. Do it around the entire edge of the phone so that all the broken pieces come out nice and easy. Be very careful so as not to cut yourself accidentally or the underlying electronic wirings. When all of the pieces are removed, clean the under screen with some rubbing alcohol and a fresh piece of cloth or tissue paper.

The next step involves the use of double edges sticky tape. Since you have to use it on your phone, make sure that it is thin in shape and size, so as not to be visible along the edges. Take a long strip of the tape and put it along the borders of the screen, and make sure that they do not touch the surface of the screen. You can cut them up into small pieces if you have to, some people find it easier that way. Now, take off the tape. Then, you have to clean the screen surface again with rubbing alcohol. This is to ensure that there are no remaining debris of broken pieces of glass left, because if there are, then it will affect the way the touch screen competent if your smartphone works.

The final step is the easiest. You have to take the replace screen that you bought, which you can get at any small electronic shop or cell phone shops, peel off the protective coverings from both sides, and carefully align it onto the surface of your smartphone, along the edges of the glue. Press on it gently using your fingers, put the batter back in, switch your smartphone back on and voila! There you have a phone as good as new.

Phone repairs or smartphone repair can be extremely tricky and expensive business, especially for the ones who do not know anything about it. But for how long will you keep paying gargantuan sums for them? With these few simple tech, tricks and tutorials, the next time your phone’s screen cracks, no need to visit the professionals. Try it at home for yourself!

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