How to Find the Best Road Dust Control Products in Canada?

Posted by Novamen on January 4th, 2016

Dust suppressants work to prevent unpaved road surfaces from causing too much dust to cloud the surroundings. Road dust control products in Canada can range from palliative materials to simpler ones like water. Brine solutions that are based on magnesium chloride, calcium chloride, and sodium chloride are popular, too. Some companies can provide asphalt and lignin emulsions, and natural plant oils and clays. Resin-modified emulsions are considered high performance and environmentally friendly, too. These tips should help you find the best road dust control products in Canada online:

•    Look up the pros and cons of each road dust control product. Water may be best as a temporary solution to suppress dust in construction sites, quarries, and gravel pits, but it needs to be frequently applied to maintain enough moisture, resulting in higher equipment and labour costs, especially when the climate is hot. For this reason, hygroscopic suppressants like calcium chloride and magnesium chloride may be preferred. Hygroscopic pertains to their ability to attract moisture from the air to extend their effect.

•    Chemical dust suppressants are better. These types of road dust control products prevent particles from escaping into the atmosphere due to wind and turbulence caused by passing vehicles and foot traffic. Roads that have adequate dust suppression will stay intact longer and will have the less need to for maintenance, resulting in long term savings.

•    Consider resin-modified emulsions. Emulsions that are formulated from tree resin result in a non-ionic and state of the art emulsion technology that provides more bonding strength. And because it is made of a natural resin, it is safe to use near wetlands and other places where environmental sensitivity is a big concern. Resin-modified emulsions are versatile and ideal for a wide range of applications and specialized uses, too, such as stabilization, erosion control, and shoulder treatments. The provide a long-term solution to efficiently control road dust, making it practical for construction of access roads, landing strips, trails, hardened surfaces, and haul roads.

Dust emissions can become a safety hazard as these can impair the vision of workers, drivers, and pedestrians alike. Fine particles that come from unpaved roads can minimize the surface longevity and increase their maintenance costs. Moreover, inhaling dust articles can be bad to the health of residents and road users. Dust may become a nuisance and may affect crop yields and the frequency of cleaning in the areas where it may be persistent. Hence, it makes sense to use a high-quality road dust control product that is effective and environmentally friendly.

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