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Posted by ricky26 on January 4th, 2016

 With medical and technological advancements pacing up, the world has witnessed a lot of beneficiary items, which now act as a life saver during the times of medical emergency. One such device is an IVC filter.

An IVC or inferior vena cava filter is a medical device that is designed to get a hold of the tiny blood clots, which may somehow break down, deep inside the veins and then travel through the veins and cause damage to lungs and pulmonary parts of the body. When you look at an IVC filter, you will realise that they are small, spider like filters that help the patients deal with the failed medications. These filters are also recommended when a person is for pulmonary embolism (PE) or venous thrombosis (DVT).

These filters are carefully placed via the blood vessels. However, there have been cases where the usages of these filters have caused some serious and at times fatal problems for the patient. Going by the facts, in the year 2010, FDA induced awareness regarding these filters and as per the reports and feedback given the patients, they concluded that the majority of the defective IVC filters were manufactured by the company Bard.

These defective IVC filters were so dangerous that they could cause internal fractures and damage o the heart. Hence, it is advisable that you must seek for proper assistance when you opt for these filters.

If you, or anyone whom you know, has been facing the IVC filter complications, then make sure that you approach one of the best IVC filter lawyers Chicago. These lawyers will help you claim against the manufacturer of the IVC filter and you can also claim that the products manufactured and sold by the company are faulty and of sub-standard quality.

IVC filter lawyers Los Angeles are aware of the fact that IVC filters, if faulty, can cause a lot of damage internally. They strive hard to get you the compensation that can at least figure out your medical expenses and acts as a great moral support as well. Just in case, a patient dies of the faulty IVC filter, the lawyers claim for the compensation that can be entitles to the family members. One of the most reliable law firms, which can get you legal help against faulty IVC filters are, the one run by Toriseva Law and Karon & Dalimonte LLP.

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