Public Speaking Courses Can Easily Help to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking

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Communication is not only a skill but also a powerful weapon. If you know how to speak, you can influence, and if you can influence, you can definitely change few lives. Public speaking Singapore is the art of communicating face to face with a live audience. It is often referred to as an art of Persuasion.

Seven elements of public speaking are the speaker, listener, message, channel, feedback, interference, and the situation.

5P's of Public Speaking:

Planning, Preparation, Consistency, Practise, and Performance.

Qualities of an effective speaker

Confidence- If you are confident in your speech, your audience trusts your words. Confidence makes you knowledgeable, believable, and credible.

Passion- If your audience can see the passion in your speech, they are more likely to listen to you with more interest.

Ability to be succinct- You should be able to deliver your point in a short span as the audience starts getting bored in lengthy conversations. Always remember, you should try to finish your speaking before your audience stops listening.

Ability to tell a story- The audience tends to get bored with informal presentations. However, if the speaker knows how to engage the audience by cracking short stories or share your experiences, it surely helps.

Public speaking training in Singapore

An array of institutes provide public speaking in Singapore. These institutes offer a list of public speaking courses/presentation skills course that you can enroll in for a specific time and achieve your desired diploma/degree/certification.

Course Outline

  1. Art of Public Speaking- Covers your common concerns with respect to presenting.
  1. Preparing your presentations- Helps you to know your audience, determine the outcome, identify a theme and Structure the presentation.
  1. Building optimum content- These courses guide you to prepare effective openings, provide outlines, facilitate understanding, use effective phrases while delivering a speech, using PowerPoint, using presentation aids and other visuals, and learning how to conclude as well.
  1. Facing challenges of public speaking- The courses guide you to learn how to handle tricky questions and demanding listeners.
  1. Delivery techniques of steller presentations- You learn to communicate and use humor, overcome fear, demonstrate enthusiasm, and modify voice and language to enhance delivery.

Course Objectives

After completion of these courses, you will be able to:

  • Structure and design your presentation more effectively
  • Apply non-verbal and verbal techniques to enhance your presentation
  • Present yourself as a more polished presenter and remarkable public speaker

Types of Public Speaking

Ceremonial Speaking- These refer to speeches that are delivered on special occasions like graduations, weddings, office parties, etc. This kind of speaking usually involves a toast followed by an emotional address.

Demonstrative speaking- This form of public speaking involves describing actions and demonstrating how to achieve these objectives. The idea behind this is to leave the audience with the learning as to how to accomplish something.

Informative speaking- This speech is more about delivering critical information to the audience, such as industry conferences.

Persuasive speaking-  Politicians, clergy members, and lawyers practice persuasive speaking. They practice voice modulations and language modifications to convince the audience and change their tone depending on their reactions.

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