Benefits of E cigarette over traditional cigarette

Posted by littlegoa25 on January 5th, 2016

Over a decade smoking has become a habit of the people. Some people want to quit smoking but find it very difficult to get rid of. Many companies have been innovating the alternative of smoking cessation products from many years. Many of the Smoking Accessories are under development. One of them is an E-cigarette.

E stands for an electronic cigarette. An Electronic cigarette is a replacement of a traditional cigarette. They are designed in such a way that it gives the look and feel of the real cigarette, emits smoke without tobacco. It consists of nicotine cartridge filled with nicotine in a liquid form. When a user inhale, the battery in it, turns some small amount of liquid into the vapor. When the user inhale this vapor, a light placed on the tip of the cigarette glows.

Benefits of E cigarette over traditional cigarette:

No tar & no tobacco

E cigarette does not contain substances like tobacco and tar. It uses liquid of different flavors that delivers nicotine in the form of vapor and also gives the same feel of traditional one.

No Odor

An Electronic cigarette does not smell bad like traditional one because of the exhaling of vapors that evaporates immediately. Burning of tobacco and tar make the smell of traditional cigarette cling to cloth and hair.

More cheaper

If we talk in terms of cost, the initial cost of the E cigarette starter kit is expensive but in the long run it is lesser. The cost of e-cig is 80% less than the tobacco cigarette.

Environment Friendly

Cigarette discarded by people on the road often endangers lives, harm land, and pollute environment. But with Electronic cigarette there is no such kind of danger associated.


We cannot claim that e cigarette are healthy but we can say that traditional cigarettes are more harmful to health. Traditional cigarette after burning produced many toxic substances that are dangerous to health. Many diseases such as stroke, heart attack, lung cancer, throat cancer, pneumonia, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s, and countless others are reason of traditional smoking.

No Ash:

There is no ash and cigarette butts because no flame and no combustion are there in e cigarette. But Electronic cig emit vapor that dissipate immediately.

Different Styles to choose:

Electronic cig are available in different liquid flavors, colors, shapes and styles. You can choose any of the one according to your need and choice.

Hence it can be concluded that E cigarette are much better than the traditional tobacco cigarette.

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