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Posted by golden on August 17th, 2010


A computer is a machine which can carry out long, complex, and repetitive sequences of operations at a very high speed. These operations are usually applied to data supplied by the user to produce results or information which the user requires. The sequence of operations required to produce the desired results in any particular computing task is special as a computer program prepared for that task. A computer program is sometimes referred to as computer algorithm. Computer algorithms are usually expressed by means of a computer programming language. Because it is specified by means of an artificial language, a computer algorithm is usually a precise specification of a sequence of instructions to be carried out in order to solve a given problem.


Computer programming requires an understanding of the nature of computers, of computer programs and of the programming language in which programs may be expressed. Understanding the nature of computers enables the programmer to effectively utilize the features offered by the machine. Various principles or methodologies has been proposed and implemented which lead to the development of good quality programs. Understanding these principles enables us to be good programmers. We as programmers must be able to speak the language of the computer- in other word express our ideas in the language of the computer, which the computer understands. We have to understand the rules governing the use of the computer language before we can effectively use it.


There are various computer programming languages available like:

QBASIC: it is an acronym for beginners all purpose symbolic instruction code. It was invented in the United States of America in1964 and it was developed by Microsoft Corporation. There are however various versions of BASIC. Another language similar to BASIC is FORTRAN





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