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Posted by IchessU on January 6th, 2016

Like Tennis or football, which is played for physical exercise, and off course, pleasure, Chess is a game mostly related to sharpening our minds and brain. The ancient kings and queens had indulged in the game of Chess to plan their military activities and remain one step ahead of the enemies. So, with so much history behind the game, is it not fit for our younger generation, addicted to computer and its games, to enjoy in the mind game of Chess?

So, either for your youngsters or yourself, Chess can act as a mind stimulator. However, do not despair, if you have never had the opportunity to play a game of chess in your life. Now, with the online chess coaching facilities and their excellent training, anyone can become a chess pro, in a few days.

Before going into the benefit of learning the Chess moves online, let us see what these online chess classes provide to a starter.

For one, when you enrol into their class, the chess tutors start with the basics. That involves making you understand what each and every piece on chess stands for, like, say, how Rooks and Pawns can move or why the King, which moves rather slowly, should always be kepton track. After all, the king is your most important piece, and you do not want to have it moved out of your focus.

So, after understanding which pieces can move where, and how many spaces on the Chequered board, the online tutors will give you some games to practise on the board. The practise games are be left in-between, if you have any work, and can be continued later on when you find time to indulge in it. This way, with practise games, and even live games with your tutor, you will become a pro, in no time at all.

Now, as for the benefits of learning the moves online, you do not have a time limit. Even if you are logging in at midnight, you can still practise your moves with a pro. Also, finding a partner, whenever you feel like playing the game, is also much easier, with an online game. Moreover, online games are loaded according to their levels of complication.

You can, therefore, start with the lower level, and rise high till you reach the level of an expert. Thus, if you want to learn chess and would love your kids to sharpen their brains, even while they are on their computers, just log in to the best Chess tutorials, to become a player.

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Albert Fishman has been involved in teaching chess since 1996 and is part of the IchessU coaching staff. IchessU is one of the best online chess coaching in USA. They have experienced coaches to teach the moves of chess. Their experienced faculties are dedicated to offer the best coaching for beginners

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