10 Things You Can Do To Help Save The Environment

Posted by amrina alshaikh on June 19th, 2021

10 Things You Can Do To Help Save The Environment

We often talk about saving the planet and going green, but how much are we doing to achieve this? Is the real question? Following small practices and taking tangible measures whenever possible can make big differences towards protecting the planet and leading a healthy life. Through this post, we will talk about the things we can implement in our lives to save our planet and make it even a better place to live. To know what all can be done to keep our planet green and our lives flourishing, one can include the below practices in their lives to bring required changes!


 1. Plant Trees

Make your planet greener and a more beautiful place to live by planting more trees. We have all learnt about the benefits of trees back in school, but we tend to ignore these learnings are we grow up. Trees are home to thousands of creatures, so the more trees that are planted, the more we all will hear the beautiful chirping of birds. Trees are also essential for human life since they provide us with the oxygen we need to survive. Besides, trees are the source of fresh fruits and provide shade to spend some time under on hot and humid summer days.

2. Say No To Plastic

Plastic doesn't decompose easily; it takes around 20 to 500 years to decompose completely. Therefore, it's crucial to reduce its footprint. Opt for naturally made or sustainable products instead of plastic to save our planet. Alternatives like ceramic, glass, and wood can be incorporated into our lives. Using cotton-made shopping bags, drinking from reusable cups makes sense.

3. Recycled Products

Recycling contributes significantly towards protecting the planet; you can do your bit by disposing of empty cartons, bottles, etc., in recycling bins to reduce pollution. Go for reusable bags to carry groceries and other items.

 4. Car Pool

Do you prefer driving alone to the office? Well, you might get privacy, but in return, you are harming the planet. The more cars on the road, the more pollution. Therefore, it's better to share your ride with someone to reduce pollution and on-road traffic. Not only do you get some nice company on your way to work and back, but you can also feel good about contributing towards the betterment of the planet.

 5. Walk Or Ride

If you use your motorbike or car to go grocery shopping or nearby places. Stop doing so! As motor vehicles produce pollutants, it is better to walk or ride a bike to reach nearby areas. Doing only does this helps in reducing pollution and traffic, but it also caters to your health by involving you in cardio activity.

6.  Save Water

Saving water is most crucial for surviving, as, without water, there is no life! So, make sure to keep the tap closed while brushing and try to take a bath using a bucket. Showering wastes a few gallons of water, which is quite concerning.

 7. Use LEDs

LED lights and CFL or compact fluorescent light bulbs are a better alternative than incandescent lights and bulbs because they last longer and consume less energy. However, CFLs are hard to dispose of, therefore opting for LEDs is suggested.

 8. Avoid Red Meat

The more the demand for red meat products, the more these animals will be required to be raised and fed in the farmlands or forests. Therefore, it's better to switch to eating healthy, vegetarian, homegrown food. Also, the livestock industry produces more pollution than vehicular transport; therefore, think before consuming such foods!

 9. Organic Products

The market is flooded with organic and handmade products that use plant-based and naturally grown ingredients without chemicals and preservatives. You can check for grooming products like handmade soap, organic shampoo, and face wash to groom yourself naturally and safely.

 10. Eat clean

Consuming clean or sustainable foods not only have a positive impact on you but also on the planet. Opt for the food items grown by farmers who follow clean practices using natural preservatives to conserve natural resources without affecting the environment. 


We can do a lot to save our planet earth and make it a place worth living. Incorporating some minor changes in your daily lifestyle can contribute towards better living. So, go ahead and implement the above-given practices and perform your bit towards environmental conservation.

Companies like Sacred Groves are trying to engage individuals who are environmentally conscious of saving natural habitats the world over. They are leveraging technology to make participation in environmental volunteering easy. With sustainable community programs and employment generation initiatives, they are helping local communities reduce their dependence on forests for income generation. 

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