What Is the Proper Method of Using Dog Crates to Take Proper Care of Your Pet?

Posted by Brenda Ana on June 19th, 2021

You Should Train Your Pet with a Puppy Pen While It Is Small!

Most people do not get a mature dog as their pets. In most cases, they get a puppy. But there is one opportunity that most puppy owners do not use. Keep in mind that the period, while your dog is still small, is the best one to train it. So, you can use a puppy pen to properly train your pet while it is still growing. And you can do that a lot more effectively then training a mature pet to use the dog crates. Of course, there are several things that you should know about the process. So, before you start randomly trying things, you could do a little research.

You need a large pen.
The most important fact that you need to keep in mind is that the size of the pen is important You need to make sure that its size is big enough. The larger the pen is, the better it will be for your pet’s future. Not only it will be easier to train your puppy to stay in a larger pen, but it will also be able to move around and play inside it. You do not want to raise a lazy dog. So, choose a larger pen for your pet. The same requirement applies to the dog crates that you will get in the future.

You can also use training pads.
While you train your puppy to stay in the pen, you can also integrate the pad training. If you do not live in a house, then it will be almost impossible to train a puppy to take care of its needs outside the house. So, you will most likely need to use pads and train your pet to use them. So, your pet should always have a training pad in the pen. Doing that will save you a lot of time, effort, and you’ll a lot of frustration.

Make the training gradual.
In many cases, pet owners do not understand the best training practices. Never leave your puppy in the pen alone from the beginning. Especially if you are leaving for long periods. The training process must be gradual. At first, you should stay and play together with your pet while he stays in the pen. Next, you can slowly leave it alone for a few minutes and gradually increase the period.

3 Differences of Training Your Pet with a Puppy Pen and Training It After It Matures!

Now you may wonder if there is any difference between training a mature dog and a puppy. Well, there are massive differences that you need to take into consideration. It is a lot easier for both you and your pet to learn using a puppy pen while it's young than using dog crates after it matures. Of course, if you train your puppy, then it will be a lot easier in the future to make the transition from a pen to a crate. Also, there are several reasons for which puppies learn a lot faster than mature dogs.

It does not have a behavior pattern learned.
While it is young, your pet does not have a learned behavior pattern. Now it’s the period when it learns it. So, you can intervene and train your pet’s behavior to suit your needs. So, it will require minimal effort to train your puppy to use the pen. On the other hand, a mature dog already has a behavior pattern. And if it does not include staying in a puppy pen or crate, then you will need to change a completely formed pattern. So, the difficulty will be much higher.

You can avoid mental health issues.
As you may find on the internet or other sources, dog crates and cages are sometimes considered cruel. Why is that? Well, if you use them incorrectly, then you could negatively affect the mental health of your pet. That is true. But if you use these tools properly, then you can avoid this type of problem. Especially if you train your dog while it's still small, it will be a lot easier to avoid this type of problem.

Your enjoyment levels.
It is 10 times more pleasurable to spend time with a cute puppy than with a mature dog. Well, the same applies to training. You will enjoy the process a lot more while training your puppy than you would be training it after it grows up. So, why should you lose this opportunity to enjoy yourself and spend quality time with your cute puppy? You won’t be able to do this after your pet grows up and matures.

How to Make the Difference Between Dog Crates and Choose the Best One for Your Pet!

Be it a puppy pen or dog crates  many options can be found on the market. In many cases, it is very hard to decide which one should you get. Especially if you do not know these types of products. But you should not worry too much. There is a simple method below that you can use to make the best choice:

Make sure your pet has enough space to move around.
As mentioned at the beginning of the article, you need to ensure that your pet has the space required to play and be active. That will keep its body in shape. So, while you are looking for the best tools, you should check this requirement for every option you find.

The crate should also have nice aesthetics.
Although it must be practical, it is also very important that the crates or pens you get are pleasingly aesthetic. You do not want to get a black crate when the walls and decorations in your house are green, blue, or other colors. It is a much better idea to get tools that will integrate and improve the beauty of the room.

High-quality crates will ensure your pet is comfortable.
Lastly, you need to make sure that your pet is comfortable inside the pen or the crate. Humans are not the only ones that enjoy comfort. Most animals also love comfortable places. So, if you want to satisfy your pet completely, then you should make sure that the tool you use is comfortable.

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