How to Make Sure Which Are the Right Dog Crates for Traveling?

Posted by Brenda Ana on June 19th, 2021

Dog crates and dog cages are two of the most helpful tools for any dog owner. They can be used both as a training instrument as well as have other functions such as travel accommodations. But although they might seem simple at a first glance, choosing the right ones for your furry friend might prove quite difficult, especially for a first time buyer. There are a lot of things one should consider before making any kind of purchase, but the most important thing to always have in mind is the welfare of your friend.

Why Do You Need Special Dog Crates for Traveling?

Every dog owner likes taking their furry friend with them when going on vacation or when going to visit some different place. And that’s awesome. Dogs love to travel and wonder around, especially with their favorite human by their side. But when hopping in the front seat of the car and sticking their head out of the window isn’t an option, owners should consider alternatives. For instance, when traveling by plane, some airlines don’t allow dogs to sit alongside their masters. They have to stay in a special area designated to animal transport. And in order to keep them from hurting themselves during the flight, the airline will most probably ask that the dog be put in a special crate. That might not sound very fun neither for the dog nor for the owner, but it is the best way to get your pet safely from point A to point B via airplane.

In fact, many other means of transportation will require owners to put their pets in  dog crates  . When traveling by sea, on a cruise ship for instance, old Spot might have to take up residency for some time in a crate. The main reason behind this is to make sure that the dog is safe and not wondering around the ship and endangering himself. Also, although your four footed friend might be the most lovable kissing machine in the world, some of the other passengers aboard might be allergic or just plain afraid of dogs. This is the best way to make sure that both you, your friend and the other people onboard have a safe and risk free voyage to wherever it is you’re going.

But don’t think that after all the dog crates are aboard they simply stack them up like common boxes bellow-deck and just forget about them until you get to your destination. Any company that offers services like these allows owners to visit their friends daily. Food and fresh water is also included, and sometimes even medical assistance. Also, usually on longer cruises, the crew makes sure that the dogs get their exercise. Being cooped up in a box, however big it may be, can take its toll on the poor things. That is why members of the crew regularly take the dogs out for walks and fresh air, when the decks are less crowded.

How to Choose the Right Dog Crates for Your Vacation?

There are a lot of options when it comes to which dog crates to use in order to make your tail wagging friend feel safe on your next vacation. Firstly, depending on the company you are using, you might find that they offer their own crates to any owner that doesn’t have one yet. Also, this is a way of dealing with extra weight. The crates that airlines and cruise lines use are carefully designed in order to accommodate your pet and to add as less weight to the ship as possible. After all, an extra pounds means extra fuel and even more time to get to the destination. Also, the crates are designed so that they can be carefully arranged in the cargo area in the most space effective way possible. That is because crewmen have to be able to get around them quickly when it comes to feeding and cleaning their occupants.

But for those owners who want to have their own dog crates, there are a few things they might want to look out for when buying one. For instance, the material the dog crate is made out of. A plastic crate is fine for taking your dog to the vet and back in the back of your car. But when going on vacation and using something other than your own automobile, something more sturdy is recommended. Crates made out of metal sheets or bars are always a safe option as they offer an added degree of safety to your pet. Granted, they might be heavier, which might mean some extra fees, and they might not look as good as others, but the main focus in this case is safety, not beauty.

Also, when buying a crate for your dog, make sure that it doesn’t come with anything that might hurt him while traveling in it. That means making sure that there are no sharp corners, no exposed screw tips and no toxic materials such as lead-based paint, used in their construction. Building a dig crate is relatively easy and that is why many people around the world started doing it. But not all of them understand how to guarantee a pets’ safety. Some owners might be attracted to the fact that some of these sub-par crates are cheaper. But cheaper crates usually mean cheaper materials, lousy handy-work and potentially harmful conditions for the dog.

The best way to shop for a dog crate is to go to specialized pet stores and have a talk with their employees. They will be able to recommend you a crate that is safe and easy to use, within your budget and also in accordance with the rules of the company you will be using for transport. Also, make sure to take your time and do some proper research and not just dash to your local pet store in the eve of your departure. The best case scenario would be buying the crate and letting your dog get a feel for it. This could take anywhere from a couple of days to even a couple of weeks. The point of this is to make sure that he likes the crate and that he will not be scared when he’ll have to sit in it for a longer period of time.

Why You Should Have Your Own Dog Cages for Your Pets?

Dog cages , although may sound and seem like a way of punishing animals for being naughty, are actually very useful. Most people think that a cage is just for keeping the dog out of the living room when guests are around. That is true but they can also be used for a variety of other things, and not only punishing your pet or taking him to and from the vet. Dog cages can be very useful for small pets, for instance. Putting a cage up and putting your pup inside it creates a safe space both for him and you. This way they can explore that area and get accustomed to people before moving on to bigger spaces, and you also always know where they are and don’t have to worry about them getting tangled up in wires or chewing on your favorite slippers.

Dog cages are also very useful when training your dog. When training a dog to know where his sleeping area is or where his toys and sleeping pad are, you can use one of these cages to define a space and to make sure that he understands. By using a cage with all his stuff inside of it, you can train him to know where he is allowed and where he’s not to go and do different things. People will usually put up a cage, space allowing, inside the house and just cover it with a blanket in order to make it more intimate and give it a sense of protection. This way the dog will learn to recognize a cage as a safe space and will be more cooperating when they will have to spend longer periods of time locked up in one.

Also, dog cages can be a very good way of dealing with scared animals. A lot of times, rescue dogs will have gone through some traumatizing episode and thus be very fearful of people. A dog cage offers them protection and keeps them at a safe distance from any harmful thing. The owners can use the cage in order to make the dog feel more comfortable in their home while still allowing him to be separated. This way, the pooch can gradually learn to trust and like people again, without any risks for anyone involved.

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