Electronic Cigarette: It?s Benefits and Health Effects

Posted by glainmax55 on January 6th, 2016

An electronic cigarette is usually a battery powered vaporizer. It helps in stimulating the feeling of smoking, but, it does not burn the tobacco. There are three types of electronic cigarette. They are: eGos, cigalikes and MODs. It is activated by the users by pressing a button or taking a puff. The users do not inhale cigarette smoke; rather, they inhale aerosol or vapour. They are reusable. The most used disposable electronic cigarette is first generation cigalikes.

Electronic cigarette contains a heating element so that it atomizes a liquid solution known as e cigarette liquid. It contains constituents like nicotine, propylene glycol, glycerine and various flavourings. However, many e cigarette liquid do not contain nicotine. E cigarette liquid has toxicity of low level.

Electronic cigarette UK was invented so that it can decrease tobacco related disease and death. Electronic cigarette UK tries to control the nicotine intake of the users by varying nicotine strengths. The user can smoke electronic cigarette UK wherever they can as they hardly produce any smoke. So, the people around the user do not get irritated.

Benefits Given by Best Electronic Cigarette

Best electronic cigarette do not gives irritating and pungent smoke smell which is usually sticky in nature. The user can only smell the aroma of e cigarette liquid. There is no flame when the users lit it, so, it does not give ash and cigarette butts. Best electronic cigarette gives smoke like mist which is water based vapour, so, dissipates in seconds.Best electronic cigarette is usually user friendly in nature.

Best e cigarette UK has formaldehyde of very low level. Best e cigarette UK has very low concentrations of potential toxic substances. Best e cigarette UK save money of users as they need to refill the cartridges with e cigarette liquid. E cigarette liquid flavouring is the most important element of electronic cigarette. Previously, there were only two flavours of e-liquids, that is, menthol and tobacco. But nowadays, many new flavours have been added. Some of them are fruits, sweets, drinks, etc. Till date, around eight thousand flavours are discovered.

Health Effects of Electronic Cigarette

Electronic cigarettes have no serious adverse effect. However, too much of using e-cigarette can cause mouth and throat inflammation, cough, nausea and vomiting. There is also a risk of battery explosion while using e-cigarette, which can cause severe burns. It occurs due to increase in internal battery temperature of e-cigarette.

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