Who is Real Estate Attorney? What Are Their Responsibilities?

Posted by Damaris Bits on January 7th, 2016

A real estate attorney is a well-qualified and trained professional who is responsible to manage all the ups and downs of legal issues related to real estate transactions. They are also specialized in closing the transactions. They assess the title of property and resolve all the legal matters before closing. They explain and review all the documents to the party which is going to sign and ensure that all the documents are accurate.

Real Estate Attorney Greenville NC deals with all the legal matters related to commercial and residential real estate transactions, leasing, tenants and neighbors, and ownership of private property. They have all the important knowledge about restrictions, zoning laws, value estimates, and covenants and they provide effective legal advice regarding transfer, sale and purchase of real estate property.

An Estate Attorney Greenville NC reviews and documents the transactions, including leases, purchases and inspections. They also step in to defend and file lawsuits in the court, in case any disputes arise during transactions. They help the borrowers and lenders to carry out the foreclosures. Here are some of the other responsibilities of skilled and experienced real estate attorneys.

Drafting Legal Documents

Drafting legal documents is definitely one of the major responsibilities of them. The real estate attorneys review and prepare sales agreements, purchasing agreements, renting agreements, financing agreements, conveyance transactions and leases. There are some state laws which allow real estate agents to help clients in filling these types of documents. But only a licensed lawyer can revise and prepare them in most cases.

Review Transactions

Some of the real estate lawyers might offer to only review the transactions and give legal advice. Make sure if needed, that they prepare any legal documents. The clients have to negotiate the deals by themselves and sign the contract and contact the lawyer to review them. The lawyer examines all the contracts and documents in the transaction, such as environmental issues, title issues or reports. With the years of experience, real estate lawyers can clearly identify all the flaws and loopholes in the contracts which are often ignored by the clients.


Real estate attorneys have years of experience in managing different types of real estate deals. So, you may ask your lawyer to discuss or negotiate the terms of real estate contracts with other parties. This way, they have to meet and work with brokers, investors, real estate developers and other attorneys.


Some real estate lawyers may focus on certain cases, such as trust deed foreclosure, mortgage, and representing either the borrower or the lender. You can get proper guidance about the process and get legal help to file a lawsuit. On the other side, attorneys supporting the borrower will find out the loopholes in the process and negotiate with the lender regarding the agreement.


The transaction doesn’t always work as they are planned and the lawsuit is filed. If this occurs, the attorney will represent you during the litigation. It consists of filing the legal pleadings, drafting the documents and attending trials and hearings.

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