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Posted by businessincentivessg on January 7th, 2016

If a case becomes too disorganized or complicated, the best method to know which is close to take is to review the rationales. Although the rationales may seem too simple for professionals in the industry, occurring mistakes with channel marketing strategy all the time, which could have been avoided if the rationales had been given a quick review before the method was taken. Once you realize that you believe in the following tenants throughout your channel programs, you are demonstrably on the right track. Implanted within each rationale are the mistakes that a lot of professionals make with channel management, so you should be sure to take note of what to do, and what not to do when you read the following tow strategies.

1. In your channel, independent businesses have independent agendas. 
In the channel, each independent business has an independent agenda, which signifies that they have much more to concern about than just meeting vendors. It’s illogical to suppose that these independent businesses are reading your e-mails or even fully understanding your channel programs. It’s always more practical to focus on quality over quantity in your channel community. You might want to insure that your value proposition align at the marketing channel programs to ensure a cooperatively beneficial relationship. A helpful tip is to try to keep as close of an alignment as possible, since this decides the success of the channel marketing strategy on both ends. Try hard to make your programs as integrated and easy to administer as possible to guarantee efficacy in your channel strategy. Remember to note that your partner relationships are not timeless, which means that each party should be inspected for its benefit to the relationship, or else the relationship itself need to be reconsidered.

2. Channels Should be Preferred to Directly Contacting the Consumer
The channel was created simply because the direct sales model has been not practical in any sense. Not only is it more financially consuming to depend on direct customer interaction, but time and effort-consuming as well. According to channel management, channel should be partialized with these reasons and more. Focusing on channels instead of direct engagements can reduce channel conflict that many businesses conflict with. If you can find yourself in this category, your basic channel marketing strategy system is defective and need to be restructured accordingly.

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