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Posted by Nick Niesen on October 28th, 2010

The holiday season is around the season. There are lots of cards and gifts being exchanged, with lots of money being spent in the air. This is the season to be jolly, and also to make others jolly through greeting cards and phone calls.

When the holiday season comes, one starts deciding on whom to send business greeting cards to, and on whom not to send cards to. Then comes the decision of what kind of business greeting card to choose, and how to address the envelope. The main reasons business greeting cards are exchanged are to attract new customers to your business, enhance your current business relationships with people, to show appreciation to all your supportive clients and to remind old clients that you are still existing! Whatever the reason, proper business greeting card etiquette has to be exercised as a well meaning gesture may offend the person you tend to impress, if not done properly.

When sending business greeting cards, it is important that you buy and send good quality greeting cards. It is better to start with a good quality business greeting card to show the value you hold of your clients and colleagues. If you do skimp in your selection, it may be interpreted in a number of ways, to thus lead to misunderstandings like that the business is not doing good or that the clients aren’t worth a little investment. Even though you may have preprinted information on the business greeting card, it is important that you add your own handwritten signature on the card. Even the most elegant of business cards should have your personal signature and a handwritten message to give that personal touch to the business greeting card. The recipient is sure to feel happy at seeing your personal signature on the card. Before starting on sending business greeting cards, it is important that your list is up-to-date with correct names and addresses. It will be easier if you do this on a regular basis, to avoid it becoming a dreaded holiday chore. Change changed addresses periodically to avoid embarrassing yourself by sending the card to the old address!

Avoid using computer generated labels when addressing the envelopes as these are impersonal and make your holiday wishes seem like mass mailing. If you don’t have the time to write the addresses, at least have someone else address the envelope for you. Make sure you use titles of Mr. or Mrs. when addressing the envelope to an individual or couple as a sign of respect to the customer or client. If you know the small business owner around the corner, mailing the business greeting card to the home produces better and happier effects on the recipient’s part. If married, include the spouse’s name on the envelope as it is not always that you find both the husband and wife working at the same establishment. Be sensitive with traditions. Find out if the recipient follows Christmas, Deposal or Hanukah, and then find out if the message is appropriate for the individual. Or else, you may go in for a card which will not offend anyone like “Season’s Greetings”.

It is best to avoid the mail rush by mailing the business greeting cards way before the actual festival. This is because around the festival time there will be a mad rush of cards for the postal department to sort out, and that in turn may that take lots of time. If needed, you could also think of inserting a business card along with the business greeting card to remind the recipient of the services or product you excel in. It is actually a good idea of getting next year’s Boxer Day cards a few days after this year’s Boxer Day. This saves a lot in terms of time and money! Not only can you send clients and friends business greeting cards; in fact, you can also send them to employee for employee motivation. As everyone enjoys being recognized, you could build team spirit by having everyone to sign on a colleague’s holiday greeting card. Avoid having corporate logos printed on the business greeting card; else it may look like it has been pulled off the company stationery shelf.

The best time to send business greeting cards are went the recipient least expects it. Perhaps you could send it during the customer’s birthday or something. So whatever business greeting card you do send, and for whatever reason it may be, make sure you use the right etiquette when sending greeting cards for the holiday season, or birthday!

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