FFXIV Needs to Improve End-game Contents Considering Lucrezia's Disbandment

Posted by goldsafe21 on January 7th, 2016

Recently, the disbandment of Lucrezia has aroused lots of concerns among Final Fantasy XIV players. Despite of the reason of its breaking and the speculation of what the next World First raid is, this news keeps players worrying the game is becoming dead. Personally, Safewow believes that FFXIV does need to revitalize the end-game community.

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Why Lucrezia's raid team decides to disband from FFXIV?

Well, if you haven’t known, safewow.com has posted that Lucrezia raid team has announced to disband on January 5. The twitter from Lucrezia_Alex has shocked the ffxiv community. Why this greatest raid group in JP suddenly decided to disband their groups? While the community was worrying if there was something bad happened or speculating the game is dead, the leader of Lucrezia’s raid group, Darkwis gave an official reasoning behind the disbandment, translating into English as “We disbanded because my management and personality. Therefore I would like to apologize to the members of the raid who got affected by this. It is neither because something happened to cause trouble nor because we are bored with FFXIV. I would like to believe even after disbanding that we are able to build a new community with new members for Raid Composition in the future". Well, it seems that Personality Conflict and not managing the Raid as a Raid Leader is the real reason. However, as one of the few raid teams that lasted long, why Lucrezia chose to disband rather than reform? Maybe SE needs to start thinking about ways to revitalize the end-game community with or ideally before patch 3.2, which is the concern that many players have, and so does safewow.com.

Why we said FFIXV needs to improve end-game contents?

Even though the reason for Lucrezia isn't dissatisfaction with the game, some players think that it is essential for SE to needs to think about some ways to improve end-game contents and thus revitalize the community with or ideally before patch 3.2. Though we know that the reason they broke apart is not because of the raid design, it's concerning that raid groups are breaking up rather than reforming. Thus, the biggest worry is that the game does nothing to encourage people to step up and raid and as a result end game is shrinking and having to consolidate into fewer groups. The issue isn't that people are leaving. People leave all the time the issue is that we don't see people stepping up to replace them. Based on this concern, safewow.com supposes that a way to start improving it would be to dramatically lower the difficulty, so maybe they are beginning doing that.

Are you a fan of Lucrezia's raid team, the world first groups that beat T9 savage in 2014? Though it is pity that they finally left, looking ahead, we hope that the end-game of Final Fantasy XIV can be more meaningful and playable. Just buy cheapest ffxiv gil on safewow and wait to see if patch 3.2 would bring us some surprises.

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