What You Should Know About Welding Supplies in Adelaide

Posted by eWelders on January 7th, 2016

Whether you are in the construction business or running your own workshop, there is one particular aspect without which you cannot survive – welding supplies. There are quite a few welding suppliers in Adelaide and every business that requires welding equipment can vouch for one or two dependable welding suppliers in their locality. Even those who like to fiddle around in their garage during the weekends for a little ‘man time’ have their own little welding kit that needs refurbishment once in a while.

If you are planning to buy welding supplies in Adelaide, you should keep certain points in mind. To keep it simple, you might simply start by taking a look at the two broad categories, the local and the online welding suppliers. Though local suppliers were favoured in the earlier days, the presence of the internet has allowed people to explore better options online nowadays.

All you need is an internet connection and you can explore innumerable options. Online suppliers’ even stock hard pressedwelding equipment that are not easily available at any local store.

Things to keep in mind while buying welding supplies in Adelaide

•    Product Warranty: Welding equipment is subject to a lot of stress and powerful voltages. It is necessary to have an authentic product warranty if you want a long shelf life for your new welder or cutter

•    Spare Parts: This is another thing that is essential when you are buying any welding equipment. Spare parts need to be kept handy so that you can save a trip or two when the machines break down

•    Welding ‘Dress-Code’: Welding is not a child’s play and can do serious damage to you if you are not dressed properly while at work. You can get your safety gear and equipment like welding jackets, helmets, gloves, etc. on all leading hardware portals. Buying a complete welding set is advisable even if you are planning to do occasional welding work at home!

•    Local Customer Support: No matter from which online store you are choosing to buy your welding equipment from, you should always enquire if local support is available for the particular brand you chose. This will save you a lot of headache in the future

•    Delivery Options: Make sure that your welding supplier can deliver your products fast enough. It helps if they have a local warehouse from where your product can be dispatched without any delay

Online hardware stores are becoming popular due to the ease of access and the relatively cheap rates that they offer on most items. From machines like multi-function welders and powerful plasma cutters to consumables like electrodes and disposable gas containers, these online stores can offer you more item and equipment that you can find on a local hardware shop.

About the author:

Kym Morgan is the marketing director of eWelders.com.au, a leading online specialty welding site in Australia. They sell a massive range of MIG Welders, TIG Welders, ARC Welders, Inverter Welders, Multi-Purpose Welders, High Function TIG Welders, AC/DC TIG Inverters, Spot Welders and Engine Driven Welders in Australia. Their mission at eWelders.com.au is to gather Australia’s best range of welders and put them under one roof.

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