A Basic Guide for Wearing Silver Cufflinks the Right Way

Posted by kamal on January 7th, 2016

Many men have yet to learn about the right way to wear silver cufflinks – or any pair of cufflinks, for that matter. This is not surprising considering that business suits and double cuff shirts are not exactly daily wear for many menin an age when shirts are the norm. Fortunately, you can refer to this basic guide about wearing cufflinks – when to wear them and how to wear them, among other things.

When to Wear Cufflinks

Keep in mind that cufflinks are specialisedmen’s accessories because these should only be worn with double cuff shirts.Also known as French cuffs, these shirts come in two varieties, namely, double cuffs with buttonholeswithout the buttons and single cuff with buttons.

In general, you can wear elegantformal cufflinks like onyx cufflinks, mother-of-pearl cufflinks, and stud cufflinks in sterling silver with tuxedos for formal events (e.g., charity galas and black tie social events). Your less formal cufflinks, such as whimsical horse-themed or holiday-themed cufflinks, for other occasions like business meetings. You can, of course, experiment with mixing and matching cufflinks but you will find that sticking to the traditional sense will be to your benefit.

Other tips to keep in mind:

Always wear complementary cufflinks with your double cuff shirt and suit.

  • Avoid wearing cufflinks with denim jeans even when you are wearing a formal jacket unless the cufflinks are the casual type, such as silk knots.

In the past, fashion experts said that men under 30 years of age should not wear cufflinks since these signified status. Today, you can wear cufflinks no matter your age and status in life simply because these go well with your outfit.

You can even give sterling silver cufflinks as wedding giftsfor the groom or personalised baby gifts for baby boys. You are not only giving a thoughtful gift but a practical present, too.

How to Wear Cufflinks

At first, you may be bewildered about wearing cufflinks because of the wide range of styles. Keep these basic steps in mind and you will be a master at it.

Put on your shirt. Pinch the sleeve cuffs together but don’t fold the cuff edges.

  • Insert the single cufflink through the buttonholes. Keep the cufflink’s ornamental part facing the outside of the cuff when you lower your arm.
  • Flip the cufflink’s bar in place. In case of tuxedo shirts with specially-designed buttonholes for the studs, just feed the stud back into the hole.
  • Feed the stud through the hole and smooth out any wrinkles.         

Now, all you have to do is to start your cufflinks collection!

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