ISO 22000: Safe Guarantee From Food Manufacturers

Posted by Steve Smith on January 8th, 2016

Food safety is a worldwide concern, not only because of the importance to public health, but also because of its impact on international trade. The globalization of food production and supply makes longer food chains and more complex and increases the risk of food safety incidents. Effective and harmonized safety systems must manage and make positive food security and food safety in every link of the supply chain. For this reason ISO 22000 certification for food safety of management systems developed that applies to all organizations in the food chain and thus ensures the integrity of the chain.

Food safety is linked to the existence of food hazards in food at the time of consumption. So food safety hazard can occur at any stage of the food chain and it is essential that adequate control be in place. So, it ought to be a joint hard work of all parties through the food chain.

Parallel to this development there is a growing need for harmonized certification of food safety systems to generate a justified confidence that measures all necessary steps that are been taken to make positive food safety. The development of ISO 22000 certification were triggered by the growing need for food manufacturers for a safety certificate usually accepted that meets the requirements of following customers of the chain and can incorporate the requirements of different organizations Certification Systems.

ISO 22000 is recognized throughout the global food chain and certification is a way to become a supplier choice. ISO 22000 certification for food safety process demonstrates the dedication of public organizations to food safety. ISO 22000 also aligns with other ISO management process standards, making it simple to integrate in to your food safety management with, quality and health safety management and environmental systems.

Benefits of ISO 22000 Certification for Food Manufacturers:

A structured food safety management process with the HACCP principles will have a clear focus on food safety is a essential requirement of any food organization now a days.
A HACCP food safety process effectively implemented and applied.
Certifying organization with ISO 22000 will enhance customer confidence in food safety process.
A food safety management process based on HACCP takes a preventive approach that aims to reduce and liabilities.
An effective food safety management process demonstrates the dedication to the supply of safe products.
Food Safety Management Process records provide due diligence.
HACCP based food safety management systems can be combined with other management systems such as ISO 9001. This combination provides a process based on food safety that also considers the quality.
Certification to the international standard ISO 22000 gives all stakeholders a clear message that the organization is serious about food safety.

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