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Posted by robertjt on January 9th, 2016

Freestanding baths which were once known to be the preserve of the wealthy and the high class hotels are now made easily available for use even in households. But it is also a good idea to know more about these freestanding baths before choosing one for your needs.

A freestanding bath do differ from the regular or the standard baths as these are unaided and are not at all attached to any wall like the case of the standard bath. These can directly sit on the floor of the bathroom or these can also be provided support with the “feet”.

Before you choose a freestanding bath, it is also very important to know as to why you would need from it. Do you really need one in your home? Do you have enough space in your bathroom to fit a freestanding bath? These are some of those questions which are to be kept in mind before choosing one for your needs.

Whenever we comes a freestanding bath we also see a lot of space around it. So, ideally you need to have the bathroom enough to accommodate this freestanding bath. And the good news is that, a number of designers too have witnessed this need and now we can also find some freestanding baths which can be positioned against the wall in your bathroom.

You also need to have a good look at your bathroom. This can help you to determine the style of the bath you need to buy. If your bathroom has a contemporary style, then it is better to choose one based on it. You can as well choose the traditional one in case you have a bathroom with the same style.

Lastly, you need to decide which bath to choose from. You have various kinds of baths like slipper baths or the roll top baths and there are other unfussy ones too to choose from. You can also choose the bath which has the thermostatic shower valve as this certainly helps to achieve the feel you wanted.

You also need to consider the weight of your bathroom flooring in case when you are planning to choose a heavier freestanding bath like the one made with copper or any other stone.

You also need to pay attention to the position of the bath waste. For the freestanding baths, this is located under your floor level and this can at times cause structural implications as well.

So, think and make a right choice in choosing the best freestanding bath for yourself.

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