Free Standing Kennel Boxes: Why are They a Good Option?

Posted by AdrianRocker on January 10th, 2016

The free standing kennel boxes are perfect for puppies although they can be sometimes used by dogs. Pets regard these boxes as their home, so you need to make sure that it offers sufficient space, so that they can stay within comfortably. The kennel boxes you buy should allow storage of their favourite chews. There are companies today who supply durable and chew-proof kennel boxes. You may search online to find such a supplier in your locality.

These units are manufactured from either polyprop plastic or galvanized steel. And the beauty about them is that they need no maintenance. Since they have a lift-up lid feature, they can be cleaned quite easily and can be moved to other places as well. These boxes are designed ensuring comfort. Also, they are quite easy to use. Moreover, they can be packed with bedding making sure that your dog gets the feeling of being at home. While you decide to buy a kennel box for your canine friend, check the experience of the plastic kennel manufacturer.

When it comes to the manufacturing of these kennel boxes, the galvanized ones specially are made from metal, hinges and various locks to ensure better safety and security to your friend. Most of them feature adjustable stainless steel vents which enable you to control the ventilation easily. These units offer secured and comfortable way to transfer your animals.

Not always you will find these in stock. You can just place you order with your chosen manufacturer and they will make sure to build a robust and an appropriate sized kennel box for your pet. However, in that case you will have to help them know your requirements. It is only then they can provide you with the right kind of box. Tell them what are your priorities and they will suggest you the best designs.

Since a few of them are made from aluminium, they are capable of withstanding more weight than the steel made units. They are thick yet light weight material. This means that you can carry them easily. The free standing kennel boxes allow minimum room for two dogs. Aside from that, the storage area at its top offers a great place to store your equipments. And it is the top that acts like an insulator, whereby keeping your dogs cool in summer and hot in winter.

It has a reinforced top lid that open with a strut that is gas assisted of course. It has side doors offering easy access to the animals. So, if you think that this is just what you have been looking for so long, speak to a supplier now. A reliable supplier will provide you with the best of articles. Not only that, they will make the delivery of your kennels as soon as possible. In case you make bulk purchases you can get some discounts.

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