Free Standing Kennel Boxes: Understanding the Varieties

Posted by AdrianRocker on January 10th, 2016

When going out for a vacation, how to carry your pet is one big question that might strike you. Not only you will have to ensure a safe journey for yourself, but also you will need to assure the same for your canine friend. Owing to the needs of the dog owners who are keeps on making trips, free standing kennel boxes have been introduced in the market. These types of enclosures ranges from aluminium, steel, wooden to plastic. Based upon your needs and budgets you can choose the one.

If you look around you will find divided kennel boxes for two dogs and single kennel boxes. However, they can be custom-made also according to the owners’ needs. These sections are great for travelling purpose. When travelling, you can add these sections to your car or may be truck and drive smoothly without even worrying much about your pet’s safety and security. If your dog is homed in these boxes know that they are safe for the tour.

Of all the materials, galvanized kennel boxes are preferred by most dog owners because of their strong nature. But then, there are a few who go for the plastic ones because of its light weight. Keeping flexibility in mind, the galvanized kennel sections are designed in such a way that it fits to the vehicle comfortably without raising the need for its movement. Besides, the front doors offer easy access to the dogs. If you are looking for plastic kennel boxes, then find a plastic kennel manufacturer as they sometimes manufacture galvanized kennel boxes as well. Most of these kennels come with a storage place at its top. The reinforced top lid in galvanized kennel boxes even work as an insulator, preventing your dogs from getting claustrophobic. A few of them are made from marine grade aluminium. The storage place allows you to store your business tools or may be stuffs that you require.

The plastic boxes on the other hand are though very light in weight and airy, are susceptible to breakage. They might not be suitable for long trips. But then you can carry them during a car drive round the town. Some of these boxes are spacious too and allow you to store your pet’s favourite toys within. Your dog will feel comfortable then and will enjoy his stay inside the enclosure.

The best part about these free standing kennel boxes is that they can be tailor-made according to the needs of the customers. You just need to discuss your travelling requirements with the manufacturer and they will suggest the most suitable one. If your budget is tight you can let them know that might even help you in getting a kennel box that falls within your budget. A few companies may offer discounts to you as well.

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